severe skin damage caused by lasers

hi, people interested in laser hair removal, have a look in this site about terrible damages caused by various laser applications including hair removal.
i know most are about acne scars and wrinkles, but the same lasers and ipl are used for hair removal aren’t they?

Lasers used for skin resurfacing are usually different than the ones used for laser hair removal. Different wavelengths, diffrent energy levels. Having said that, there is no long-term data on the effects lasers have on skin structures like collagen, sweat and oil glands, etc.

Keep in mind that it is possible to get significant damage from electrolysis if skin is overtreated. Aggressive thermolysis is the biggest culprit, as is stripping an area of all hairs versus thinning over several sessions. The area around the mouth is most easily damaged, especially for those with coarse hair. Overtreatment often leaves clients with vertical creases or dimpling.

The best way to avoid skin damage is to go to a certified electrologist recommended by someone who is done and happy, or by having laser done by a qualified practitioner under a doctor’s care.