Severe pain: something wrong?

This is definitely something that you should discuss with your electrologist. Perhaps she can change her strategy and try another program with different intensity and timing combinations. Maybe she can switch to a different probe size? Just talk to her.

Some parts of the underarm can be more sensitive than others. Seek her advice on this. My clients are not usually red after a treatment and they can tolerate a pretty long treatment session. Perhaps she was at a level higher than 4 or 5? The intensity part sounds fine. Feedback is required when you are suffering.

I had the laser done while my stretch marks were really purple…So if yours are white, I don’t know if it would work. I had gained 70 lbs in one month so you can imagine how bad it was and yes it worked perfectly. I got it done in a pediatric hospital’s dermatology departement by a dermatologist MD so I’m not sure if aestheticians can reproduce the same results…

Ps. am I stupid or my post was earased?

No, you are not stupid…ummm… not sure what happened… those are my words that I used to respond to your post about pain!!

Thank you for the reply,

I think I will need only 4-5 more treatments before I get my first clearance.

I was planning to get a french bikini done…But I think I’ll try the ELOS laser first (while the hair is blonde, it’s coarse in this area and I found a study saying it works at approx: 50% reduction: Study here and have the remaining side hair removed with electrolysis.

Yes, that is a fact. No light-based system can affect light hair or clear hair. Impossible.