I was having treatment with plasmalite, and asked the practitioner to turn the setting up as I had had little success on the previous setting. She didn’t and again I had bad results, when I confronted her about it she said that the setting wouldn’t make a difference as it was already on a fairly high setting. Is this true? or is she just trying to cover her back?



What are the settings at now?

You need to inform yourself of the settings and the effect they can have on your treatments. All of us respond differently to the settings. Some of us need higher values and others for safety have to stay with lower values.
If you are not experiencing good treatments I would stop them and ask the practitioner to explain their reasons for the settings. You also will need to clearly state your reasons for wanting higher treatment settings. It may be that their laser system can not deliver higher power then that already used or it may be that they are conservative and want to reduce your pain and discomfort or they may have a valid medical reason for staying at these settings.

You need too find out the answers to these questions. A good outcome is best assured when you the customer take a proactive stance in the treatment. If they can not deliver proper or effective treatments it is time to move to another practitioner.


I was getting treated by 2 practitioners, by one for the first treatment and then another for the last 2 that i had. I told the second practitioner that I hadn’t been getting good results and she said it might be the settings are too low and she turned them up to 45 and I had what seemed to be better results. Because of this I told the other practitioner who owns the company that I would only have the next treatment if it was done on 45 because I’d had better results. She agreed but when the treatment came round the other practitioner actually went down one to 38 and said that she had been told by her boss, who had previousley agreed to treat me on 45 that she wasn’t allowed to go any higher in case my skin got damaged. I had bad results and complained, to which she replied that the settings did not make a difference and some treatments just went go worse than others.

Well my feelings about this are if you experienced no side effects with the higher power but they are unwilling to go back to that setting then it is time to find another place who will listen to you and also follow your skins reaction to set an appropriate power.

If the power is to low you will only get short term epilation, and given the high cost of laser treatments this is not a good outcome.

You could also try electrolysis. After four rounds of laser I finished up with a few rounds of electrolysis and now only have about two dozen hairs under each arm.