Settings on GentleMax Pro Alexandrite

Hello! I’ve completed four sessions on my underarms and I’ve noticed an improvement. I purchased another four sessions because there’s still hair growing in and I’m wondering if I should request to increase the settings on my next (5th) visit. Currently the settings are:

9 J/cm(squared)
10 ms
2.0 Hz

The pain is very mild but I do smell a little bit of burned hair each session. Thoughts?

Those settings are very weak. There’s a very good chance that the improvement is only temporary. If your skin is light enough for an Alex, then you should be ideally using 16J+ on the highest spot size (18mm). If they’re using 15mm, they need to go even higher than 16. If your skin is tanner, they should be using the YAG laser side of the GentleMAX.

Thanks! I will definitely tell them next time to turn it up. And I checked the spot size and it’s set to 18mm.

I have had only one session, no burns and I noticed a similar smell. I think it might be normal.

I think I was hoping that if I could smell hair burning then it must be working. But now I’m worried that it does work but it will be temporary. My next appointment is next week and I will ask them to increase the settings and see what they say.