Settings on a Yag

Hi all,

I just went to 2 consultations yesterday for laser hair removal.
I am a type IV skin and have decided to use the yag.

I asked for a test patch at each.

  1. At this location, they use the Candela Yag machine.
    Settings used: 34J/ 15 mm window
    It did hurt/sting alot, and the test patch was on tiny section of right underarm.

  2. At this location, they use Cutera Coolglide vantage 1064 mm.
    Settings used: 40J/35 ms. I was not provided with a the size.
    I asked for the patch on the left underarm, and it was virtually painless during the test.
    She iced the area prior to even starting, and then applied a cream afterwards.

Between these two, would you say the settings were good? Is one machine beter than the other?

I also went to a third place.
Here, they have both the Candela Yag and Candela Alexandrite machine.

I am a type IV skin, and the lady said that I would need to start with the alexandrite, and go up to the yag, to higher settings.

Is this right???

I had a test patch on leg this week, settings at 16 J with 18mm window from what I remember.

It hurt ALOT.

So far, the hair is still there from the other two test patches.

From these three what would you recommend? How are the settings?

They did 18mm/16J on an alex laser? Did they tell you the pulse width? It’s very rare a skin type IV can handle that strong of a setting on an alex laser, but if you can handle that one, that would be the best one, though I’m surprised your skin could handle it.

thanks brenton for the quick response!

the third one did hurt ALOTT. but I don’t mind the pain if it will actually give great results. I think my skin could handle it. However, I had the patch done about 2 days ago, and the skin is just slight red from it.

But is it normal to start on an alex and move up higher to a yag? Wouldn’t I just need to start on the yag since i’m type IV?

Slight red is ok. If it becomes a burn/blister, then I’m more concerned.

Normally you start on a YAG for your skin type, but if they’re starting you that high on an alex, you should stay with that, though I have no idea how your a skin type IV and they’re using that high settings. It also depends on what the pulse width is, but unless it’s extremely high, that’s your best bet.

Thanks Brenton for your advice!

I went ahead and booked my first appointment with them in 2 weeks. I will keep checking the status of my skin and make sure it doesn’t become a burn or blister like you said.

I’m actually excited!