settings... help?

I have a really bad hair problem. Yes, I’m female (my name might make it hard to tell). It’s probably from the fact I’m Armenian. Yay, for genetics! I have thick hair just about everywhere, toes, legs, arms, nipples, stomache, lower back, butt.

So, I finally went into a laser consultation. I’ve thought about it for a long time, but couldn’t afford it, because I was having a hard time finding a job. Half my paycheck from my job will probably be going towards laser for months, so I need treatments that will work. So, I went in the first place I scheduled a consult for. Apparently, I’m a skin type IV, so she used the GentleYag on me. The settings used were 18 mm, 24 jcw, 10 ms, something about 40/20, I had her write down the settings for me. It didn’t hurt at all, so I assume I was very undertreated… She did a test spot on my arms, where I had completely shaved the night before. She also asked if there were any areas on my body that weren’t completely shaved so she could do a test spot, I had shaved my legs days earlier, so some hairs were popping out already and she laser in that area. The hairs she laser didn’t pop out or anything, are they supposed to? Anyways it’s been two days since my consult… This is one of the more affordable laser places that uses a GentleYag and it got some good reviews online on another hair forum… I don’t know htough, for how thick my hair is, I feel like I should have been near tears with the laser.

Those settings are decent. I suspect some of your hair is too fine for laser to target, which is why it also wouldn’t hurt much. Do you have photos? Only COARSE hair can be affected (like hair on bikini and underarms). Just having a lot of dark hair is not enough. It needs to be dark AND coarse.

I don’t have a working camera at the moment… the hair is really thick, loike where I have a shadow all the time, even when just shaved.i mean are the settings high enough where it will be effective, like would treatments be even worth it? i have a consult with another place monday with also good reviews, the place i had a consult wiht I know is much more affordable and had a few decent reviews.

It sounds like the hair is coarse enough. And it sounds like they know what they’re doing.

thankx a lot LAgirl.