Setting for Cutera YAG

I am getting laser hair removal done on my full legs soon (full thighs and lower legs). The place I’m going to will be using the Cutera YAG on me. I have coarse, thick and black hair all over my legs. And, I would say my skin type is about a IV. My question is what would be an appropriate setting. It seems like one of the reasons for poor results is due to the professional using low settings. So, what would you recommend?

I live in the Midwest and there are quite a few big laser companies next to me. However, I decided to go to a less popular place with good reviews. They charge per treatment (which is good because I didn’t want to pay for a package). And, after some back and forth talking, they’re asking for $320 per treatment… which I think is a good deal because all of the other places I’ve spoken with want +$500.

I had electrolysis done on my upper lip earlier this year. The hairs that were treated have not grown back - some of the hairs did have to be treated more than once. However, I stopped going because it exceeded my budget at that particular time. So, I still have hair on my upper lip that wasn’t treated. But, it’s finer hair. (I remove it by threading). My question is what are your thoughts about getting laser hair removal on my upper lip? I’ve read that it can possibly cause more hair growth.

Sorry for the long post. I’m new to this forum so hopefully this is okay. :slight_smile:

I don’t know enough about the Cutera YAG to answer that, so I will let someone else answer that.

In terms of your upper lip, however, I would strongly encourage you to continue with electrolysis. If the hair is fine (which it sounds like it is), laser will not be effective.

You need to go in for a consultation and ask for settings they will be using. If possible, get test spots as well. We can’t just give out settings over the internet like this. Skin types
are approximate. They need to test your skin and see what you can handle. Post the settings here and we can weigh in to help you determine if they seem aggressive enough.

There is no point of treating the finer growth on your upper lip with laser. You need electrolysis at this point. Laser only works on coarse dense growth like bikini and underarm hair.

I just got back from my consultation. The settings were 45-15-1.2. She did two test spots on my thigh. With the first test spot, I felt slight pain with the first few zaps, but then I barely felt anything as the zaps continued. She was really nice and professional.

However, when I went to speak with the secretary to schedule an appointment for my first full treatment, she wanted to schedule it within a few days… Shouldn’t I wait longer to see if the hair on the test spots will shed? Advice?


Front desk people rarely know much about the treatment. Don’t let anyone bully you into scheduling anything you don’t want. Yes, you should wait 3 weeks to see if there is good shedding.

Is it 45J on 15mm spot size? What was the pulse width? It’s not mentioned. It’s not 1.2. It’s somewhere between 5 and 100ms. If it’s somewhere under 30ms or so, then you’re ok and these settings are decent. Though you may even be able to handle an alexandrite if you can handle these.

According to the Cutera website, it says the spotsize is 10mm (it doesn’t give a range so I’m assuming it’s fixed at 10mm). I’m assuming the poster is referring to 45J, 10mm spot size, 15ms pulse width, and 1.2 Hz for repetition rate

You’re probably right. I wasn’t sure if they potentially released a 15mm spot size machine. With 10mm, those settings are decent as well, but an alex may be too powerful.

Hello again,

So it has been about a month since my consultation/test spot treatment. She did two small test spots, one on my inner thigh (where the hair is very coarse and gross) and one on my outer thigh (where the hair is finer). Now, when she did my inner thigh, I felt slight pain. When she did my outer thigh, I felt nothing.

During this time, I have been observing for shedding. I have so far experienced no shedding, except for one hair that fell out on my inner thigh - 20 days later! All the hair has grown back as if nothing has happened. However, there is a small spot on my inner thigh where the hair still has yet to grow back (or shed?).

I’m going to contact my tech to see what she says, because I am still interested in getting my first full treatment done. But, I was wondering what your thoughts/suggestions were on HairTell.

Thank you so much!

Did you pull on the hairs at 3 weeks? If the spot is clear, the hair had to have fallen out. You may not have noticed.

Can you find out the three numbers we were talking about? You never mentioned the pulse width used. 45J on 10mm on a Yag is pretty low for a skin type IV.

Goldenglitters, the Cutera Xeo is a very safe laser. I believe your technician is being overly cautious. It shouldn’t take three weeks to determine whether or not you will have any adverse effects. Furthermore, you will not have permanent hair removal, or even diminished hair growth from one test spot.

Thank you for your responses. I also want to thank LAgirl for her contribution to this forum. I have learned quite a bit from reading your posts. :slight_smile:

Anyway, yes, I do need to verify the settings she used. However, I recently located another place run by a physician whose prices are a bit cheaper, but they use the Sciton YAG. Can someone give me an idea of the settings used on this laser? I’m going to go in for a consultation soon and they will be doing a test spot.

I really don’t have the time nor money to waste. I just want to make sure that I’m doing the right thing. And, I’m hoping you guys can help me out a bit…

As above, you need to go for a consultation and post the settings they want to use and your skin type here. Then we can tell you if they seem high enough. We can’t see or test you, so we can’t provide you with settings.

So I finally went in for my consultation. Please address these points:

  • They have the Sciton Laser (both the YAG and the intense pulse light). My skin type is III. Now she looked at my legs and would rather do the intense pulse light. I asked her if it was a “real” laser and she said that it was. She asked me if I was concerned that it wouldn’t be as effective, but she told me that it was. And that it would be faster, too. (When I had electrolysis done on my upper lip, my electrologist recommended to do a YAG laser on my legs). What do you guys think?

  • She did the test spot over an area where there wasn’t hair to see how my skin would react. So, she didn’t do it so I can see if there would be an actual shedding.

  • She gave me goggles to wear, of course. But, I can’t see through them. I don’t know if that’s better, but I feel like this way I can’t see if she’s missing spots or not.

  • She did the test treatment on 16 joules and 20 width. She said she’ll go up to 17 on the first treatment.

***What do you guys think?
(Thanks for all of your help and responses in advance). :slight_smile: