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I’ve tried several electrolysis technicians. I didn’t have much success so far…
May I please ask what is happening when serous fluid is weeping after the treatment. Does it mean someone is using too much energy :thinking: and of course the most important question is it going to scar?

Thank you for reading and hopefully replying to my concerns.

With an injury, such as electrolysis, inflammation takes place and the surrounding blood vessels swell and become “leaky” (a good thing). This way, healing cells (e.g., white cells) can leak out into the wound site. Sometimes red cells also leak out and may thus form a red scab. And, blood plasma also leaks out … the AMOUNT of this leakage does indeed indicate the dreaded over-treatment.

Generally, after a good treatment, some plasma enters the wound site (a good thing), but the scab that forms, and always does, is typically microscopic and you can’t see it at all! If you have a lot of fluid leaking out from follicles that were treated, YES that is a sign of being over-treated. Any leaking fluid should “dry up” (coagulate/clot) within minutes after being treated. (The plasma has clotting factors … good thing.) If there is fluid leaking hours after the treatment … NOT good. However, this leaking alone does not mean you will develop a scar … and, in most cases you will not.

Thank you, Michael for the reply, I’ve emailed you some pictures to see what you think. I hope you don’t mind.

Oh I see … I answered …

FatFace do you have any objection to Michael sharing those photos with me? It seems Mike has this well in hand

Got a few more emails and a few more severe facial over-treatment photos.One today was shocking. I won’t share, but the person got treated by a dermatologist … who was probably using a hyfrecator.

Why do people want a dermatologist to do their electrolysis? Would you trust your doctor to do your plumbing, just because he’s a doctor? The person’s photos were horrendous and, once again, I’m sick and angry. Such bad treatment does not have to happen.

Not at all. Im more than happy for you to have a look. Thank you :blush:

Hi Fatface, ( I detest calling you that by the way, consider a different name on here)

So yes, as Michael stated the presence of Plasma Leakage from an electrolysis wound does indicate over-treatment. I’m going to say that I learned quite a bit from Michael over the years, and he’s one of those “go to” people whose opinion I greatly value in such cases. For that aspect alone, I agree with ALMOST everything he has to say in your case. Including that there waas some overtreatment, that it was likely caused by using the wrong tool for the job ( a dermatologist rather than an electrologist who might have better knowledge of hair removal concerns) . I’m also going to agree that while the possibility of scarring or marking remains present, it doesnt happen in all cases , and in my opinion it’s unlikely we will see it here… It remains a possibility, but I think it unlikely.

Here are some of my observations:
First thing I notice is the pattern of damage, alonfg side the location of where the hairs were growing. These are the trademark signs of the hormonally vulnerable ( still love that term Deedra!) , specifically this is the trademark growth pattern of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS) . We very often in early cases see thumb sized patches of course dense hairs in two patches on either side of the chin, along side a sprinkling of course hairs radiating from that point often on the jawline and neck.
Now the chin is a danger zone. The reason its a danger zone is for several factors, often we have 50000 hair follicles per square inch of skin on the chin. Normally, only a few ( or even none at all) might actually develop a hair, but if hormonally stimulated. there is the potential for dense course growth in this area. . As electrologists, its the DENSITY that poses the risk. Because often we are pressured by the client to remove all the hair, we also want to please theclient so they continue their treatments and dont get discouraged. Mike has a wonderful blurb in his “chin Dents and scars” video, where he describes this "being suckered into clearing all the hair in one sitting) as being drawn in, almost like dracula, in order to resolve the patients issue. This is usually, a mistake, becasue we get wht you see here overtreatment. Usuually it’s caused by treating multiple follicles in close proximity to one another, and the thermolysis energy bleeding over from one hair to the next leading to over treatment.

I’m going to say, I’m regularly guilty of such treatment. I treat a large percentage of transpeople and those with PCOS in my practise. When doing a full beard removal, I’ve started going with a clear and advance strategy . This leads in particularly dense chin areas, to some limited overtreatment of the chin in some cases. Now I DO try to avoid this, often thinning the chin over severlal weeks, but there have been some cases where there simply is not time. One such case recently, I did a full beard clearance in 2 weeks before the client returned to the Czech republic where they live most of the time. Does this mean I’m expecting that client to scar? Nope. In most case we will see some swelling,but no long term effects such as scarring.Can we guarantee this? Nope. It’ s a calculated risk.An informed Risk . So far, I’ve not had an issue when this is done.And that honestly, is where 99% of these cases end up, with no visual scarring or marking. I can almost ( but not quite ) say with certainty it wont happen in your case, but as every case is a little different I cant say posatively no.

Here’s what I would recommend. First, see a hair removal specialist for your hair removal issue. Instead of trying to clear every hair in the area, thin it over several successive weeks of treatment, Do every second or third hair, rather than clear cutting the area. This will prevent some of the energy bleed over from one follicle to the next that will lead to over-tretment. We dont “Have to” remove it all in one sitting ( which many clients will ask for). We have the entire cycle of growth ( 5 months!!!) to effect the full clearance. In some cases it makes sense to switch up the modality for the chin, and go with a blended current rather than a thermolysis treatment.Blend usually uses less amounts of heat generating Short wave current, which helps to prevent over-treatment.

Check in with us with updated pictures in about a month, then again in about 8 months. By month 8, we will know if scarring or marking has developed. In the meantime , give the chin a break for the next month or so, and when you do resume, refrain if possible from clear cutting the skin . Treat your chin with the delicacy that your most prominent facial feature deserves, and you wont have any issues with over-treatment. And above all relax, because its highly unlikely there will be any permanent marking or scarring…We cant say for certain, but it is probable that likely that it will heal with no after effects.


Great post Seana. Did she send you her photos? Now that I’m finished killing TERMITES (that were eating my house), I’ll do another specific video on this subject: “when do scars show up after a treatment?” I am now getting several emails per week on just this question.

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Great idea Mike. I wish I had your talent for video editing.Mine come across as I do, lie the rambles of a …well you get the idea. The skill of communicating concepts in a video format evade me .

Love you kiddo …

I would be lost too without Eric. My nephew knows the ins-and-outs of Google and how to do Youtube offerings. I am getting pretty good at (Adobe) Premier and Audition and you can get these two editing tools. BIG learning curve though.

Eventually, I want to switch most of my time over to the website that I hope will become an on-line magazine with articles from, well, everybody (other countries too). I’ve always been frustrated that we don’t have a universal magazine that would inform all of us about what “all of us” are doing … Hairtell and Hairfacts are doing a great job … but, I want to see more input from others. Including the different and controversial.

I think the only way to accomplish this goal is to have a place with no censorship and hoarding of information for monetary gain … because, for most of the associations, that is exactly what they are doing.