Seriously considering treatment

I am 22, and have long been unhappy with the excess hair on my shoulders, neck, and back, but only recently decided I wanted to do something about it.

I suppose this all started when I noticed a laser hair removal clinic had opened near to where I live. I decided to go in an check. They said 5-6 treatments over 5-6 week increments should do what I want.

I found another clinic for a second opinion, and was told if I was treated at less than 10 week increments between sessions I would see some hair reduction, but likely not total hair removal. The second clinic (American Laser Center) is pricier, but offers a 2 year guarantee on results. They said they combine pulsed light with some radio frequency treatment. I don’t understand how anything radio related could assist in hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal being so expensive, and the prices seeming to be set artibtrarily according to whomever is controlling the hair removal, I feel slightly like I am being extorted just to feel normal. How can I find out if the place is legit? What sort of questions do I need to be asking these people? I want to do this, but wasn’t expecting to be spending the next full year doing it.

This is my first post so I apologize if I my thoughts are a little scattered.

it sounds like both clinics are chain centers. there are a lot of them. you probably will want to do a lot of research first (use this site for example) to learn about hair removal and what’s the best solution for you. Then, have at least 3-4 consultations with both private and chain clinics to compare prices etc. The IPL with RF technology is Aurora and it’s not the best machine out there for light skin and dark hair. What is your skin and hair type? you need to determine what type of laser is best for you first.

Regarding spacing between treatments, everyone is different, so you shouldn’t follow a clinic’s set schedule. The best clinics will tell you to come in as soon as your treated hair sheds, and new set of hair starts to come in. Hair is more easily killed within a few weeks after it comes out when it’s most vulnerable. For most people, this time between treatments falls into 6-8 weeks to start and gradually increases to 8-10 weeks apart.

Lagirl is right, you need to find a schedule that suits your hair growth. I have had the same area treated and found that hair growth 5weeks apart in the later treatments are too close together because some hairs have not come out yet.

I think it is hard to say that set amount of treatments will get you a certain result. It is easy for techs to miss patches on a large area, make sure you can get free touch ups otherwise the result will take longer.

Thats my advise based on my experience - good luck