Serious Sideburns!!!

I’ve been desperately been trying to find the right solution to my oh so dark, coarse, sideburns. I’ve been shaving them off since I was a teen and someone laughed at me in high school for having them. I’m going to see a doctor about getting Eflornithine Cream. I have read great things on it. Anyone know of it? Until then I need to try something other than the dreaded razor. I’ve read into all kinds of sites about my options. Since I have very sensitive skin I don’t want to use wax (doesn’t remove all the hair) or depilitory creams (as they burn my skin badly). There’s too much hair too pluck it. I can’t afford electroalysis or the laser, and I don’t like the risks that are involved. Having facial hair hurts my self esteem and makes me feel less of a woman sometimes, but if either one of those two injured my skin further then I would probably get too depressed, so I don’t try them. Are there any other options for woman like me? I mean they have put men on Mars and they can’t find a solution to this? Crazy huh?

They put men on Mars?? Guess I was too busy shaving, trimming and plucking to notice…

(Sorry - I tried hard to resist, but I’m obviously too weak from all that shaving, trimming and plucking…) :grin:

lol that’s news to me too! :grin:

Have you tried using electric shavers? Thay are generally painless and harmless.