serious question about back hair

I have major back hair that I want to remove (actually my bride will be removing it on our honeymoon). From this forum, it would apear that:

  1. Epilation is best, unless I can afford laser.

  2. There is a good chance the roots will grow darker after a few times.

Are both the above statements correct?

And, if so, wouldn’t the darker roots help the laser process, when I could afford it?

Lastly, just so my bride can decide her preference, before doing any lasting damage, what would be the best method with no noticable side affects? Shaving or ??? something better?

PS: For epilation, I gather the best method is:

  1. Shear the hair to a 1/4".

  2. Take a hot shower.

  3. Towel dry, and immediately epilate.

  4. Luffa the skin in the shower, then moisturize.

All the above correct?