serious problem :(

hi I am only 13 years old and a kid pointed out that i have a little moustache. i was really really embarrased so I told my parent about it and all she said was, “Its only a little hair no one will notice”. i went to school the next day and my best friend told me (whispered to me) that there was a rumor that i had a moustache!!! she said that everyone knows. even the teachers are talking about it <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />. what should i do? my parents would do anything about it and my allowance is only $10 a week… i want it permanently out so when the kid that spreded that mean rumour will think that he was just seeing things. thankyou for reading

I am sorry to hear about your being teased at school. That is really terrible. A lot of girls here had to deal with the same thing, so we will make some suggestions.

One thing to consider is using a hair bleach to lighten the color. You can get it at the drug store pretty cheap. It’s a cream you can put on your upper lip to get rid of the darkness, which makes it much less noticeable.

Another option is trimming it with scissors, but that will make it feel more coarse and won’t always get rid of the darkness.

Another option is getting some really good tweezers and pulling them out. This can really hurt, and if you decide to try this, do it sometime when you won’t see anyone for a day or so, since the area can get red from plucking. Do it after school on a Friday, or when you have a day or two to recover.

Another option at the drug store is waxing strips. It’s a lot faster than plucking and is pretty easy. Again, do this when you won’t see anyone else.

The good thing about plucking and waxing is that they get the whole hair, even the part under the skin.

It is really important to wash your hands and face before plucking or waxing, and to use a disinfectant on the area when you are done. Use a cotton swab and put witch hazel on the area, or hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. You may also find that 100% aloe vera gel soothes the area afterwards.

Be sure to cleanse the upper lip frequently after you pluck or wax to avoid irritation and infection. Otherwise you might get little white bumps that look like zits. Cleaning before and after can greatly reduce this problem.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


Tell your parents that you want a check up.
Did you start menstruating yet?

Talk to your parents about how this is embarressing for you.
I don’t know where Cystal Lake is in IL but there is a wonderful electrologist in Frankfort, IL who will try to help you. If your parents want information about electrolysis or how unwanted hair impacts teenagers, contact Suzanne Anderer at 815-469-0050

thankyou u really help.