Seperation between treatments

I’ve already done 7 treatments on my chest/abdomen area with the GentleLase. Settings were 12J and 14J on first two and then 16/18J for the rest five treatments.

After these treatments I would say that I’ve achieved around 70% reduction in hair density.

I would like to know how effective are the treatments regarding the time past form the last treatment? If I do it 6 weeks apart (that was the recommendation from the Clinics) is it more effective than 2-3 months apart ?

If so, are delayed treatments (2-3 months) much less effective?

Many thanks. :slight_smile:

The most effective treatments are when you have the maximum from the next cycle come through. This varies for different body areas but is always longer than 6 weeks (I think the face might be 6 but I’m not sure).

So, you have a treatment, at around week 1 after, all the treated hair will start to shed. Shedding completes at about week 3. Anything that does not shed and is growing normally was either missed, or the energy was not high enough to even cause shedding. Then you have a few weeks of being more or less hair free. Then the next growth cycle starts to come through. First you will start to notice some new hairs coming through, fairly slowly. Then this starts to speed up and you will get lots of growth coming through. It sorts of reaches a peak and then tapers off, with not many new hairs coming in day by day. This is when to go for the next treatment.

This is also why it’s advisable not to shave too much whilst having laser treatments, so you can observe what the hair is doing. Some people don’t even know if it’s shed or not because they keep shaving.