sensitive bikini area

My hair is really dark and course in the bikini area, and I get stubble the day after I shave. But my skin is so sensitive, I have to wait over a week to shave it again (or I bleed) just for it to look good for one evening. I tried a cold wax kit, by a brand called Veet and it only took off half the hair and left me with bruises, so I’m scared of waxing again. Anyone have any tips?


Use a depilatory cream called “Veet” that is for sensitive skin. This stuff works great in that area. I know you are not suppose to use depilatories in that area, but I’ve tried it, and it works awesome. I left it on for 2-3 min and wiped the hair away, it lasts for almost a week on me (I’m a dark haired male)