Selling a Silhouet-Tone Sequential Servo Blend

Hi, I’m selling a Silhouet-Tone Sequential Servo-Blend on Ebay. 10 day listing, started on 4/27, I’m asking $789. It was my long time backup machine, largely unused.

Tested, works perfect, hardly any wear, all attachments included, plus two User’s Manuals. Will ship from San Diego.
Will sell to licensed / unlicensed in the lower 48.

This is an excellent machine, very solid, all the good, useable functions, including the all-important ‘auto-trigger upon insert’ with adjustable delay.
I don’t check back here often, but thought maybe someone from here might want to give it a look. If you have any questions, contact me through the Ebay listing. It’s at:

Silhouet-Tone Sequential Servo-Blend Electrolysis Machine SEQ-1

Yes, a very solid professional epilator and easy to use, despite all the button functions.

Just FYI, I lowered the price to $689.

ok… Can anyone give me an advice as I’m looking for a machine the price is a little bit off… Should I go for it?

Hi Donna,

Mantaray is a very long time contributing member of this board and well regarded if that helps with your decision.

It’s an older machine, but as Dee says very reliable. Silouete Tone made ( and still make) quality epilators. This model however is discontinued, and service would only be available through third parties like TES if something does go wrong.

I regularly see these types of machines ( in much more used condition) in the price range of 400-600 canadian, but those machines arent available except person to person here in canada, and we went though this before you cant do that. The $789 is not an unreasonable price for this epilator in the US. TES has the same machine listed here: but have it listed as an “Esthetronic Servo-blend” for some reason. I guarntee if you call them the price would be more than Mantaray wants for his.

It could be a very good epilator to learn with. It’s probably too old to use in a clinic if you decide to practise professionally, but could give you many years of service on yourself and while training.


Hi Seana! Mantaray has ruduced the price to 600 USD + shipment… still not much of a difference. The machine looks clean and in a good condition and since Texas electrolysis may have it more expensive I made a decision to buy it even tho there seem to be returning policy on this but the more I wait the harder it will become for me to make a decision as I’m hesitating …

I just bought it! Hope that I did the right thing
Thank you guys for help

It should be fine for learning on Dona. Get the needleholder to replace the cracked one from TES. In the meantime just use the other one.


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Can you please send me a picture of your electrolysis machine if it still available.
Thank you.