self harm and hair.

Hello. I want to first say how impressed I am with the site, and how well people seem to help each other.
And then I will rant for a bit.
Im a man of 23 and have a few hair problems 1 being ingrowng facial hair and 2 back and shoulder hair for which I am very shy about. I have the added bonus of having quite a few scars from self harm on my upper arms and shoulders. I wanted to know if this would make hair removal a viable option. For some reason I am more accepting of my cuts than my hair. and would feel more confident if II could sort it out.

If you use electrolysis there should be no problem with removal. In the worst case situation, the scarring from the wounds would either deform the follicles, and, or make insertion difficult by overgrowing the follicle opening.

I leave it to the laser experts to tell you any possible problems. Of course, any color change in the wounded tissue would effect treatment.

The good news on the ingrown hairs is that even a little treatment with electrolysis will cause the existing hairs to grow straighter, in addition to thinning out both the number and diamiter of the hairs that remain.