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i am a 35 year old male who has had a problem with back hair since i was about 20 and was really embarassed about it,i would not even let my girlfriend at the time see me without a shirt and after my marriage ended 6 years ago i have been terrified to even think about dateing anyone cause of my problem,i even stay covered up around my kids,people ask me why i dont date and i say well i am trying to be the best dad that i can right now but the truth is i am just to embarrased to be seen without a shirt,the truth is as i lay in bed at night this is the only thing that i worry about i go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it


Hi alley–

Luckily, you can deal with hair removal in several ways. I recommend getting it waxed professionally and see what you think. After that, just be sure to exfoliate and moisturize to help reduce ingrowns.

If you have light skin and dark hair and cash on hand, a course of laser treatments may be a good maintenance option. Some consumers see a permanent result, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Another option is electrolysis, but this is more difficult for large areas. However, if you are not an ideal laser candidate, it is your best bet for a permanent result.


Try the waxing… I find the back waxing the most satisfying of the lot, and I have most of my body waxed… just knowing that the hair is being ripped out is a great relief…

I too worry about dating again, and don’t take my shirt off in public unless I am less than 4 or 5 weeks from a recent waxing… My kids have no problem with it, they notice it when I come home waxed and clean, they like it a lot…

I feel your pain, but don’t let it keep you awake at night… my user name is I Hate Hair… (IHH) but there are solutions for you and Laser could be the most permanent solution for a large area…

Good luck,


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