Seiko / Body bare review

Originaly was slated to ask if anyone had tried it . . . for some reason the search didnt pick it up but i found other posts on it. So i changed this to be a review / my thoughts

I purchased a “body bare” aka seiko cleancut and some other misc. names.

I must say it gets really close . . .

My impressions: (i have the C battery model)
Power is an issue with this Eshaver, it seems a battery is just not enough to delivery a constant voltage/amps. They do make a rechargeable version but i wouldn’t think it would be much better. I plan on getting a AC adaptor and making it a pure plug in razor (i will update on this later) to see if that helps.

The foil is really nice . . . though it has pinched me a couple of times, but it seems that area always gets pinched. However you have to really leave it in that one spot for a while before it does it. Which is a huge improvement over my last standard foil facial Eshaver.

It gets really close, but it takes some time to do it. I find i am spending 30 minutes to rid myself of my daily growth each day.

I think once the power is consistent it wont take nearly as much time. I do take the foil off and tap it to remove talc and hair about 5 times during the shaving process and add a drop of shaving oil every 2 times to ensure good functionality.

If you have enough time it will produce a “just shaved” result . . . i don’t have this currently, as i only trimmed it enough to not irritate me to death or chafe when i walk and sit.

My test for this is to move my hand against the grain, if i feel hair its not razor smooth, if i don’t it is. I tested this Eshaver with this process and it will produce the razor smooth given enough time and passes of the Eshaver.

If i had to rate this Eshaver i would give it a 9.5 only because its underpowered and it pinches me on one part of my body occasionally. (no blood or cuts just 2 minutes of irritation)

I also tried this razor on my face before i used it down bellow, again it took some time but produced razor smooth results.

I will update this when i get another replacement bottom and convert it to an AC functional device.

It runs on a single C-Cell IIRC. One thing I would suggest to try is get a Duracell Ultra C-Cell and see if it gives more power. The Ultra has lower resistance than other brands, so it can provide more current to run the shaver motor. It has to be an Ultra, not a standard Duracell.

How large of an area did it do in 30 minutes?

I can shave my butt and entire pubic area in about 10 min. with the Bodygroom. with the integrated trimmer you don’t have to make a separate pass with the trimmer.

What do you use for a trimmer before using the Body Bare?


Right now i am using coper top Duracells . . . i wonder if they make Lithium C batteries . . . their current drop off is very steep up is constant for a long time . . .

Next time i do it I will time myself. But i do the same area till its razor smooth.

I used the lady fare that came with it. It works as long as you dont let the teath touch you. For my less senstive areas i use a much bigger trimmer with built in vacume . . .

I tried to take the Seiko apart to see if i could get a look at the motor and see what its specs are before i purchase a AC adaptor to use with it. I did find a sony one at 1.5v and 700ma for 30$ . . . seems 1.5v Ac to Dc are hard to find.

I own a 1.5v but is 2A, and idk if that is constant or max output. Its used to charge my trimmer.

Making one would take longer than just getting a prefab one so . . .

I found having two batteries at hand works better. When you tap out the foil replace the battery with the other one then continue. Gives the batteries a chance to regen some i think.

Are you using the genuine Seiko Clearcut? It may have a better motor then the Body Bare.