Seeking Electrology Equipment for Sale

Dear readers, I am in the market to purchase electrology equipment, treatment tables/chairs, lamps, utility carts and general items you would find in a nice professional electrolysis practice. I am particularly interested in Apilus Sx-500 and Apilus Senior II machines. I am open to other models as well and welcome suggestions. I thought this would be a great place to start. I am located in Tacoma, WA. Please respond with any leads or if you have any items of interest for sale.

Thank you!

Currently available right here on HairTell are an SX-500 for about $2600 plus shipping, and an 2 Apilus Senior models.

I think you are in the right place for a start at getting your equipment.

If you are interested in a Gentronics model MC160D digital that does all modalities plus anaphoresis and cataphoresis that has a hair counter, is programmable, let me know. It is selling for $1,900.

My colleague has an Apilus SX-500 for sale. Asking price is $2,500. I have had private messages about this unit and I just gave a poster information about contacting the seller. No deals have been made as of now, but I would be happy to pass along contact information to you as well. I think this is a great buy for an SX-500.

I also have a Gentronics epilator, the same one as yours Arlene, for sale. I used this unit from 1999 to 2003.