Secrets to Tweezing Without Pain for Men

Secrets to Tweezing Without Pain for Men

Has Depilatory Creams, Waxing, and Hair Retardent gels & sprays; disappointed you?
Do you want to lose your beard shadow forever?
Do you want to look and feel younger on your face for the lady(ies) in your life or other reasons?

If the answer is: yes; to the above 3 questions…
Well, then; read on…

After much trial and error the last couple years I found a way to tweeze my beard down to only peach fuzz hair without pain and keep it that way week after week also!

And it can be done in 3 simple steps without a large expense!

  1. Soften the face area, hair and root of the hair to be tweezed.
  2. Get a close enough view of the hair to be tweezed; to tweeze it with precision.
  3. Do not pinch the skin while tweezing; and pull the hair out firmly & gently in the direction of the hair growth.

For softening, use: Jergens Naturally Smooth as directed on its label. Then, in addition to that; an hour or so before you tweeze put some more of it on the area to be tweezed and let it soak into the hair and root. After that, the area is ready to be tweezed.

To get a very close view of the hair to be tweezed; to tweeze it with precision, use: A standard video camera w/zoom with a tri-pod or Magic arm found at any camera store or outlet w/ a color standard tv '13-20 inch screen. Set the camera up in front of the tv just so; as you can sit looking towards it like you are looking into a mirror and place the video camera between you and the tv just so; that it views your face like you are looking into the mirror. Use the zoom on the video camera to zoom in close to the area of the face to be tweezed. Then use, the many variety of tweezers found at any local H & B store or Walmart; use the correct tweezer head for the correct angle of the face surface and direction of the hair growth. I have 13 different tweezers I use for my face for example. Having the correct tools for the job always makes the work more painless. When having this setup; you are less apt to pinch your face which causes 75% of the pain and you will be able to grasp the hair with precision.

If you follow step 2 correctly you should be able to tweeze without pinching the skin. You will be able to grasp the hair firmly and pull it gently out in the direction of the hair growth with precision having that very close view. Be sure to tweeze one at a time if possible which helps towards pain and correctly tweezing the entire hair down to the root without cutting the adjust hair by mistake. Having the video camera to view the hair very closely will allow you to see it close enough to do all these things with precision and absolutely no pain.

If you do encounter some pressure pain especially if you just started tweezing from never having tweezed before. I recommend that you use the Jergens Naturally Smooth as directed a couple weeks before you start to tweeze. Then, if you still encounter pain; use a little Orasol Gel found at any local Walmart on the area to be tweezed; wait a minute or so for the gel to numb the area and then you should be without pain. I say all this about the Jergens N S and the Orasol Gel especially for the very sensitive skin type people that have never tweezed before. But, over time with use of the Jergens and continued tweezing; you should not need the Orasol Gel because tweezing new hair growth also reduces the pain too.

Remember, Softening, precision, and continued tweezing correctly is the 3 key steps to tweezing without NO pain.

Sincerely Your Friend,


PS: Legal note: This information given above is only my personal experiences given like I would share to my next door neighbor how to bake a better cake or build a doll house for their children. It was not intend for commercial or business purposes. If any health issues occur on your part; it falls on your own responsibility; not mine legally because like the 12 step programs; one of their sayings is: “take what you want and leave the rest”. Well, the same goes for personal advice legally speaking also. You should not have any problems if you follow my advice precisely should you want to try my personal advice I have shared above.

PSS: Besides it takes just as long to tweeze my face as a wax treatment done at a local salon because I have tried that last year. And ended up with the same results of the remaining peach fuzz; but, with tweezing I am saving the high cost of wax treatments. I even asked how long Laser treatments take and they take the same amount of time as I take to tweeze; but, Laser is the same high cost like waxing. My point is: it is a personal choose whether you want to spend more money to have someone else remove your facial hair or do it yourself correctly without pain for less money! Yes, Electrolysis can remove the hair more permanently; but, I think Electrolysis is for the super rich! Because I will never be able to afford that on my disability income! Besides, you could also run into some health risks of burning with Electrolysis if your skin is very sensitive like mine is; I been told also. So my personal advice above of how to tweeze correctly; I think is the happy safe medium to removing my facial hair better at a low cost and not as many health risks to worry about! Think about it? You decide?; remember it is a personal choosing and I only shared my experiences.

who the hell would tweeze their entire beard? sounds like somebody is selling something.

lool. thats what i was thinking.

I surely wouldn’t have the patience to pull out a few 1000 hairs 1 at a time.

Now if pain is your game, oh for sure?

Just a correction… Jergens Naturally Smooth …is NOT the skin lotion 1; it’s the:

Jergens Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Moisturizer !!!

Everyone I talked to on Yahoo thought I ment the skin lotion…

it’s the: Jergens Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Moisturizer … be sure to use that one to soften the hair and root also! …the plain lotion does does NOT soften hair…only the:

Jergens Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Moisturizer

Does!! …so besure to use that one… K!