Second try - I think this is it!

Hey everyone. After my mad search for an electrologist around here I think I finally found a good place.

The person I found is very straightforward and she encourages communication (which, after the other places I went to is such a blessing, truly). While I didn’t have to fill in any form, we did chat for quite a while and I also addressed my hormonal problems (I’m starting hormonal treatment for a thyroid problem but I decided to start dealing with the laser stimulated hair on my chin already, as it’s becoming quite noticeable).

She told me she has 15 years of experience and during the test I did today I hardly felt any tugging of the hairs, if any.

I was a bit concerned about the sanitation of the place because first thing I see is…a dried drop of blood on a chair. Uh oh. It was immediately cleaned, though. Also, she showed me the needle she was going to work with - all disposables - and she opened the package in front of me. She also has a yellow and red bottle for the used needles. I didn’t see her wash her hands, though, but she did wear those white gloves and she applied alcohol to the area prior treatment and some aloe gel after.

Now, the equipment. That concerned me a bit. The poor machine is a bit old and has seen better days. I think the name on it was Jambal but I browsed it through Google and couldn’t find it. maybe I read wrong. It’s one of those types where you have to hold a metal probe thingy. She laid it on my shoulder so I didn’t have to hold it. I also had to remove my necklace and hairpin because of metal contact but I could keep my earrings. I’m not sure what method she uses, but I’ll be sure to clear that out next appointment. Because…I am returning there, what novelty! (Seriously, my quest for this has been…daring).

All in all I really liked her and her colleague. They seemed very honest and passionate about their work and she respected my wishes about not having laser on my face again. Also, turns out it would be very hard for that to really work in a positive way as it seems my hair roots are white. Dark hairs with white roots, at least on my face. I wanted to try laser on some areas of my body but if my hair is like that perhaps that will not work. What do you think?

So, for now, the plan is to work in all my face bit by bit - my chin, my sideburns, my upper lip. She will switch area if the pain becomes too bothersome - that way I can hold out longer than if it’s just treatment in one isolated area. I have yet to work out the frequency of the visits, but I’m having my first real session in two weeks. She discourages tea tree oil because it tends to dry the skin a bit and she encourages aloe. She also told me to exfoliate my face before our next session, to get rid of dead cells and such.

Ok, I think this is it for now! I’ll update after next treatment (by then I’ll probably know which method she’s using).

All very good signs, save the bit about handwashing, but it’s entirely probable she did this beforehand. The 15 years, speaks volumes. One thing I’ve noticed here is the large number of “retiring” electrologists. They dont seem tot stay in business long! The lack of tugging, is also an excellent sign. Congrats on finding someone you like!

The fact that you held a probe, unfortunately tells you nothing about what method she uses and to be honest, it doesnt really matter much anyway. And many oldermachines work just fine! Electrolysis is not a new process.


Thanks for commenting! Yes, that small bit regarding hygiene worried me just a little but the rest went smoothly. Hm I can call her on Monday and ask her about what method she used and also I forgot to ask her if I have to go there weekly or bi-weekly since we’re gonna be doing 10 minute sessions.

She did give me an estimate of about an year with the amount of hair I have (which isn’t much, thankfully, but it’s noticeable since I have light skin and dark hair).

I’m just happy I found someone who genuinely cares about solving people’s hair problems instead of selling products and she encourages questions.

And I don’t think she’s retiring anytime soon - for one she’s not so old and she seems to genuinely love her work. She says it’s like a puzzle to her.

I just meant to say there seems to be more closing electrologists, than opening ones.It makes me wonder how busy your average electrologist really is if so many are getting out of the business.
Your electrologist, sounds like a keeper.


Hm, true. I could hardly find anyone here and I’d never heard of electrology. I don’t think it’s very heard of here.

Well, the place she works at also has IPL and a lot of dermatologic treatments and it’s also a hair saloon. I guess making a life only out of electrology these days it’s hard, especially with laser clinics around every other block.

She conjugates IPL with laser for hair removal. I was thinking of removing hair from certain areas of my body (legs, armpits, bikini line) through laser but I just found out I have white roots (probably thanks to my dad’s genetic descendency since he’s blond). She says laser could work with the right settings, I’m just not so sure about it. She says she has been successful in dark blonds and lighter brown hairs. Outwards my hairs are rather dark but they have white roots I wonder if it would really work.