second opinion please!

Hey all!

I’ve been to three treatments so far on my upper lip/chin using thermolysis at one week intervals. The first two sessions lasted 15 minutes, the second only 10. I was completely cleared all three times. My electrolysis said I should now start coming in every other week. Is this right? I’m just finding it hard to believe that I should start cutting back on treatments this early in the game.

I am 8 days past the last treatment and it seems to me there is quite a bit of hair on my upper lip (though it’s scattered). Is it really better to go every two weeks for 20 minutes instead of every week for 10? She told me I had a better chance of not getting overtreated with the sessions being spread out but I just wanted another opinion.

Also - one post I read said the skin gets used to treatments over time and heals faster, another said the opposite. Which is true?


You would be fine either way, as long as your practitioner is good. The only difference would be you already looking finished and her removing hairs you don’t see, before you see them, and you giving a little more time at this juncture so that you can have a longer treatment sprad farther apart. Depending on your goals, go every other week now, or do shorter appointments once a week now. You can already start other body parts if that is something you are interested in, that way you can do ten minutes on the upper lip, and take the rest of the half hour on something like underarms.

Thanks so much for responding!

My goal is to get rid of the hair as fast as possible, but getting rid of the hair without damage to my skin is really the MOST important to me. I just wasn’t sure if the risk of damage is less if you go for longer sessions spaced out or shorter sessions closer together.

It sounds like it doesn’t really matter…so I guess I’ll go with her recommendation.

If you are not doing other treatment areas, she probably just doesn’t want to take the time out of her schedule for 10 minutes, when the time could go to someone who needs more time (and would be paying more money for the billable time you would be taking up). As you know, even if you have ten minutes of billable treatment time, you are still taking up closer to 30 minutes of her time.

Hey leigh.

I like your electrologist. Getting the hair cleared asap is an awesome feeling. Personally, I like the two week deal. Try it and if you feel like there is too much hair coming to the surface by that time, then switch to every week for a bit. I am not too eager to set up, work, disinfect for a ten minute appointment on clients just beginning this process. I reserve those short setups for clients that have gone the course with me faithfully for the 9-12 months and are basically finished. By that time they only need a few hairs treated. Very sparse hair, nit-picking stuff to do when they have reached the end and those clients more than deserve my attention for those last die-hards whether it be for 1 minute or 10 minutes.

Now, like James said, if you go in every week, you can tackle your upper lip and move on to another area at the same appointment slot. This is frequently done. In fact, it is common to clear the upper lip and have a client say can you start on my eyebrows. Many times, I am doing eyebrows, upper lip, chin, neck,nipples, abdomen, toes, fingers all in one session.

So best of luck to you as you become a member of the permanent hair removal club. You’ll just love it!


Is it really better to go every two weeks for 20 minutes instead of every week for 10?

Sometimes, yes, it’s definitely better. It’s so much easier to pick out the hairs that need removing and she’ll get more work done. (I’m guessing your unwanted hairs are long but not very coarse.) Just my opinion.

Thanks to all!

I’m sure her putting me on a two week cycle does have a little to do with not wanting to spend time setting up for a ten minute session once a week. I completely understand - I wouldn’t want to either.

I think I will at least try the every other week schedule - especially after reading pamd’s opinion. I certainly want her to get as much work done as she can and if she prefers to space it out then so be it.

Before I started, I thought I would be told I had to come in every week for an hour. I’m still having a hard time believing that even though it is a year long commitment, it’s just half an hour a month to get rid of something that has caused me so much distress for so much of my life.

I really appreciate the quick responses to my concern. Thanks!

You are welcome.

See why electrologists are driven mad by people who seem to need to be lassoed, hog tied and dragged in for a first consultation? The average person’s problem can be at a satisfactory point of maintenance in the first few weeks, and after that, one only needs to come on schedule.