Second GentleLase treatment on nape

I had my second GentleLase treatment on the nape of my neck on Thursday (2/26/2004). Because I had a haircut a few days before, the practicioner was able to go further “up” this time. It was about five weeks since the first treatment. The first treatment was done at 16 J, and this one was at 26. Big upgrade! I had no adverse reactions to either treatment, but I think the area stayed red longer at 26 J. Also, I couldn’t tell the difference between the fluences on areas where there was little hair, but it stung a lot worse on the areas with dense (but still thin) hair. I got the technician to pause 5-10 seconds between pulses on those areas. I booked another appointment in seven weeks, and based on what I have seen so far, there shouldn’t be that much left to zap!

I had my third treatment today, approximately seven weeks after the second. Regrowth was much worse this time around. The practicioner went back to the larger 18mm spot size at 20J (maximum fluence for that spot size), with 50/50 settings on the cryogen. Larger spot sizes penetrate deeper into the skin, but require lower fluences due to the power limitations of the laser. Pain was pretty bad this time, and my nape feels sore, but isn’t red or blistered. I scheduled again in five weeks.