Second degree burn from "VEET" hair removal product. Help?

My husband had such a bad experience with “VEET” hair removal product. He applied it to his beard area after doing the patch test even. And with in seconds his face was burning and we noticed blood seeping through the cream. He immediatly rinse it off and his whole face was red and bleeding, there was also some clear fluid coming out of his pores. I felt so bad for him. nothing helped for three days. We went to the doctor and the he said he had second degree chemical burn to his face. Now that it has cleared up some we noticed he has some scarring. The thing is it says nothing on the bottle about putting it on your face. We are now in the process of speaking with a lawyer. Whom is happy to know we took pictures. If anyone else has used this product let me know. Please. We cant be the only ones.

Candy an SO:

While Veet, Nair and others work very on any other part of the body, they are not to used on the face.
The facial hairs and skin are a little different.
Yea, I know shaving the face sux but there are other alturnatives.
If you want to use a cream for the face, a lot of black men use “Black Majic”. It is made for the face and can work but also be careful it will burn also. It comes in a ready to use or mix yourself. I’ve been told the mix yourself works better. It can be brought and most drug stores.
The second temp method would be to get face waxed. It will hurt big time the first time but can be done. How bad you wanna quit shaving?
Then you could use an epilator and never shave again and no problem of removing hair by epilation. Like any epilator, it will feel like pin picks but that really isn’t uncomfortable
The trird is laser or Electrolsis.
This is the perfered method because it is perm(more or less).

I have been wondering if VEET work, but not on my face since I am a girl. Anyway, I am working below my navel with electrolysis, but since it’s going to take awhile, I still need to use depilatory on my bikini line for the summer. Does VEET work??

To the lady who posted this message, I would say that since it doesn’t say anything about the face then it’s not for the face. There are some depilatory for the face like for women who have mustache, but it must be specifically for that area. The other depilatory products are for bikini, legs, etc as stated on the bottle for less sensitive area.

I am sorry to say this, but it was a really dumb on your part and your husbands. No one should do anything that isn’t said on the product label unless stated.

this is the problem with suing companies for things just because it’s not stated. it reminds me of the woman whoe burned herself with McDonald’s coffee. Just because it didnt’ say that the coffee is hot on the cup. roll eyes

I’ve tried several different depilatories including Nair, Sally Hansen, Enleve, and others. I have more negatives to say about them then positives. I used them on my arms and some other areas. With the Nair and Sally Hansen, there was a bunch of hairs left on my arm after leaving it on the required time. It said to leave it on a few minutes longer if most of the hairs weren’t being removed. I ended up getting some slight burns from it. Also, various hairs were broken off and some I had to rub harder to get them off. For me, the depilatories didn’t lessen the hair regrowth hardly any longer than shaving. I find that funny when they say it will leave you hair free several days longer than shaving. Plus, they smell really bad. I wouldn’t recommend them.

Also, if it wasn’t listed on the back of the Veet product not to use it on the face, then it is Veet’s fault if someone gets burns on their face. The depilatories I used said on the back the places that you shouldn’t use it, and all the brands of depilatories should have that listed.

It’s not VEET’s fault. They stated the places that it SHOULD be used for. It’s not necessary to write it down.

This is silly. Companies do this because they are afriad of silly lawsuits.

Just use common sense, if it doesn’t say on the bottle, then it’s not for the areas NOT stated. If you aren’t sure, then ask the company, they usually have a phone number for questions or comments. I am sure they would have told you no.

people do things and decide to go against the instructions foolishly. It’s a foolish mistake, but it’s not the bottle’s fault just because it didn’t state so.

I’d say to just learn from your mistakes.

Like I had said before:

If it wasn’t listed on the back of the Veet product not to use it on the face, then it is Veet’s fault if someone gets burns on their face. The depilatories I used said on the back the places that you shouldn’t use it, and all the brands of depilatories should have that listed.

Hi Augila you are 100% right
All of my family use Black magic stuff
I use the cream verson on my face & Head all the time & It will burn both good . If you leave it on to long . But we have been using Black Magic stuff for years . When use in the right way it is a good working stuff & The mix version is less stronger then the cream verson for me & More safer to use then the cream for me
Good luck & Be safe :relaxed:

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To all those who are complaining about Veet. …

There is a petition online which gives you a lot of information about the ingredients in VEET and how it can cause second degree burns on anyone.

It’s sickening. I have permanent scars from VEET hair gel remover.

Check it out and I would honestly encourage all of you dissatisfied customers to sign it. A product like that should not exist.

GirlHair, read the information in the petition and you will see it IS the companies fault.

i used veet in shower cream, the one with the sponge, when i came to use it i felt a really painful sting, when washing the cream off the water was extremely painful against my leg then found a MASSIVE rash and was in pain for most the night.
when ringing to complain i had to go through a 10 minute questionaire over the phone where i was asked ridiculous questions, when i asked what would happen if there was a fault in the product i got the response of “well i dont know, it would have to be discussed between me and my manager as we haven’t had a complaint about veet products before” what a load of bullpoo to be honest i wouldn’t recommend veet products to anyone, unless you are willing to have a bad reaction and be in pain for the next week!!!

OMG, yes. It would be wise to avoid depilatory creams altogether, in my mind.

It worked when I was 13ish, then, almost overnight it seemed, that changed and my skin began to react. Till the present it has continued to react very badly. My skin never burned - it would just turn black, then stay that way for a week.

It could be that these creams sensitize the body; it could be hormones…

Still, this doesn’t appear to be a one-in-a-million thing; a casual search on the internet would appear to bring up plenty of people with bad VEET / depilatory cream experiences.

Perhaps we should start a petition?

Oh, also, here’s an interesting article on the subject (hope the link works):

Review of Veet Rasera Bladeless Kit for Shaving
A Friendly Warning
1 X
Veet Rasera Bladeless Kit
I noticed the longer the product sat, the warmer my legs became. Suddenly, when the time came to remove the product with the bladeless tool, I was on edge because of the burning sensation. I tried to do a smooth movement with the tool as I normally would with a razor and rinse, but the
grooves are so deep on the tool that it is hard to rinse the cream out. The cream literally gets stuck in the tool and you have to scrub it in hot water with quite a bit of force to clean it out. With a razor, I would normally be able to perform one to four swipes before doing this, but with each of the swipes with this tool I had to scrub and clean it. In addition to the fact that I had to clean with each swipe, this took a lot more time then I would have to spend with a razor. Needless to say, the “3 minute rule” that they suggest, turns into a little while longer.

On top of the deep grooves, the cream getting stuck and it taking more time to thoroughly clean the tool another issue posed itself. The hair was not removing as promised. I had just shaved a couple of days prior to this with a regular razor, so, the hair that I was trying to remove was minimal. I literally had to swipe the tool a few times each swipe to remove all the hair completely. I was not pleased with this at all.

While I am busy with all of this, my legs are almost on fire, so, I moved as quickly as possible to get all the cream off. I ended up having to get a bath sponge and scrub the rest off that still remained because I could not take the pain anymore. After removing the product that remained, my legs throbbed terribly and I had to allow water to run over my legs for a few minutes.
I noticed that my legs were red and nearly swollen. Upon further inspection, it looked as if the bladeless tool literally scratched parts of my skin off where I had used it. I could tell where I had used the tool and where I had used the sponge, and there was damage to my skin. Though I was not bleeding, it looked as if I was close to bleeding.

At this point, I thoroughly regretted this purchase. As for the promise of smooth legs and such, yes, they were smooth in some areas and this was the only positive and accurate point I see with this merchandise. The promise of the results lasting up to four times longer then that of a razor? I think not. The results did not even last the amount of time that it takes to require a new shave with a razor.

I would not recommend this product at all. In my opinion, it was a very painful and disappointing experience. I would just suggest someone stick to the razor, be careful and walk away with no severe injuries in the end than to use this product.

i found this site after googling “depilatory burn” because i’m in my second day of a chemical burn from veet. i bough it because it came with the plastic squeegee thing that scrapes the cream and hair off of your legs, and because it came in a pump, not the tube. it worked great the first time i did it, but this time was terrible. my skin was very dry as it always is in the winter, and i’m not sure if the stuff i had was too old, or if i left it on past the 3 minutes (was watching the clock so i doubt that) but my legs, especially behind my knees, are on fire. after looking online it appears to be 2nd degree burns. i’m putting cold compresses on them, using neosporin and keeping it clean, but it hurts a lot, and i’m miserable. tylenol is helping. but from now on i am just going to go slowly and go back to razors. a nick here and there isn’t nearly as bad as this!

Get rid of the Neosporin. It can make things much worse. Many people are allergic to the neomycin in Neosporin. Were you advised to do this by someone? Are there blisters? Why do you think these are second degree burns? If it’s that bad, you should see your family doctor. Cool compresses are helpful.

After this storm passes, have you considered laser hair reduction for your legs? are you a good candidate?

I agree that using veet on your face might be I’ll advised, but the poster is correct there is no guidance on the bottle regarding facial hair.
It also does not state it’s not for legs, feet, back, chest, butt, or any other area. In fact the bottle has no guidance for use whatsoever. It only claims that it ensures effective hair removal in only three minutes (depending on hair thickness). I guess we should assume that we should just buy a bottle and not use it at all for any reason.
Personally I have used Veet for years on areas that are probably more I’ll advised than my face (where the hair may be just as coarse and the area is much more sensitive) without any significant irritation let alone a serious incident. I have heard horror stories regarding this product, but up until now I had yet to hear a story that resulted in scarring.
It seems like a no brainer that a company selling a product with a pH of 12.4 or so would include some type of a warning regarding the possibility of disfigurement. I think the original poster has a case. We can all benefit from her misfortune by not making the same mistake. I only came across this post researching a hair removal cream made specifically for the face. They both dissolve human hair, how different can they really be? Lighten up, it’s an Internet forum, not an emergency meeting of congress.

Oh goodness, I just bought a bottle of Veet for the first time too. Now I question whether I should use it or not? I have used Nair for a long long time(ever since I was 13) and it has been ok for the most part. I guess I will still stick to Nair until I have money for the more permanent solutions to hair removal.

the second ingredient in veet is urea…urea is urine… hmmmm i would reevaluate if its worth using or not

I personally wouldnt use anything that is loaded with chemicals…in theory that stuff is basically eating your hair is it not…sounds fishy to me…im still trying to find something for facial hair that doesnt have nasty chemicals in it…im guessing ill probably be out of luck…

Everything has chemicals. Shaving is your other option.

Thank you LAgirl, “I don’t use stuff with chemicals” is a huge pet peeve of mine. People pick up on these buzz-words and they have no clue what they are even saying.

All matter in the universe is chemicals. Your bottled water is loaded with chemicals, your fresh apple is just a big red chemical-wad, your locally-produced organic soy all-natural WHATEVER is just entirely 100% chemicals.

If you really want to go through life without consuming chemicals, then have fun trying to eat ultraviolet light or wear gamma radiation because the electromagnetic spectrum is pretty much your ONLY non-chemical option.