Second chest/Stomach Waxing Pictures

okay guys, i got my chest stomach and back waxed for the second time and i thought i would post some pictures of the results. i cant see a HUGE improvement from how my skin has reacted, anyway here they are. you cant tell from these pictures but there are some random hairs that didnt come out, FRUSTRATING, but oh well, thats what i get for going to a cheep kinda wierd place, i’ll know better next time

The First Pictures is after my first chest waxing
The Second & Third Pictures are from my most recent (second) waxing, its a larg improvement i think [image][/image]



So i guess my advice for people new to waxing like me is keep it up and it seems like the more often u do it the less reaction u get to it, and i have been putting astringent on it along with aloe gell a few times a day so yeah!

looks pretty good to me. i dont get a reaction like that when i wax my legs and i have been waxing many years. so the more you do it, the less the skin reacts. but in your case, you are waxing a very delicate area and so you’ll get a reaction. it is very normal. but keep the area clean and you should be fine. i recommend that after you are done waxing apply some cold water on the area. (its hard but it helps with the redness) like bend over the tub, turn on the cold water and keep splashing it on your chest. then after you can apply aloe vera. all the best. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />



Why thank you Barrester, seriously, thank you. but i think im going to turn away from waxing and actualy try electrolosis. it seems like it will save me money in the long run and hey, permenant is always better than temporary! ill keep u posted on my results!

Tom: If I were you going to electrolysis,I would start with your underarms. The smooth sensation in that area creates the incentive to go to other areas that take longer to complete.

what areas have u had done? How long did it take u to get those areas complete?

Tom,I have had all the hair removed from my back,chest underarms and genital areas;but I never kept track of the time. The area that was cleared the fastest was the underarms. It is a good place to start.