Sebaceous glands

Do the sebaceous glands in follicles commonly get damaged during electrolysis, and if so are they able to heal themselves.

Further, if large numbers of sebaceous glands are damaged in an particular area, does it affect skin quality.

They do, and no I dont believe they rebuild themselves.Without the hair to lubricate, they serve no purpose.

Thankyou Iluv2zap. I was thinking that the sebaceous glands in follicles are where the skin also obtains its necessary oils?

nope, you have lots of them.not all of them are associated with a hair bearing follicle, but every hair forms initially in a sebacious gland then as it becomes a growth phase hair grows deeper. most vellus hair, ( peach fuzz) grows very close still to the sebacious gland, and if you treat that hair, the gland will surely be damaged, bt your skin isnt going to run out of oil just because we kill some hair.