Searching for an used Electrolysis Devise

I wanna practice on my own body and asked Skip for the current price of Elite Spectrum and it’s over 3000$ with shipping costs.

If someone want to sell his Instantron Elite Spectrum or similar Devises and is willing to ship to Germany I would be grateful.

In my Area their is already an Electrolist, but she is fully booked and don’t wanna treat on already Areas where IPL was done.

So I am very excited about that whole Topic, because probably if I don’t get a second-hand I would save for a new one.

My idea is to offer such service on my spare time, because I have built up a little passion for my skin after destroying it trough waxing and ingrown hairs.

PM me please for offerings.

So nearly one month passed and still didn’t made a decision.

After researching a bit I think that only the Instatron Elite Spectrum or the Apilus Platinum are real option for my purposes.

Actually I haved hoped for cheaper second hand devises, but the market doesn’t offer any at the moment.

Also I didn’t wanna continue with my IPL Treatments, because still getting ingrown hairs even if theirs clearly a permanent hair reduction.

It seems that Skip offering suits me best, even if I am not comfortable with the price after reading in the forum that they got the devise for 1500$ instead of nowadays double.

Probably in the mid of October after some alternative offerings, I will risk the investment, but I guess only with the possibility of money back guarantee.


I dont know how much it wold cost from Canada. To germany but i imagine it would be alot.

European power systems are not the same in Germany as they are here in Canada Gallopinghorse. A european buyer would have to have the power supply switched for one from here .I makes more sense therefore to buy one made to european standards though I think Silouette tone can do the change in their depot in montreal.


so I wrote Slip my last questions and think that no other alternative offers will come.

Actually have never heard of VNC and wanna stick to devises who are well known around the community.

I am getting nervous because the project is one hell of a risky investment without possible return options.

Maybe it would be easier if I go to one electrolist and try it on a small area. Furthermore I gain some insights around the whole procedure.

So far skip’s offer of $3000 seems reasonable.

I know apilus does have a european sales center, so assumably there are some of those kicking around in the european market. I checked the TES website and they do have the Elite sprctrum without air for $2749($3124 with air option) but that would be a model made for north american power systems. They have a shop and could easily change a power supply I should think, but to sdo so and come in anything under $3000 with a professionally changed powersupply and shipped to germany I dont think they could do.

Here in Canada I can lay my lands on a number of epilators by looking on kijiji or craigslist, or even ebay for under $1000. However one of the professionals on this board, Beate Ritzert, practises in germany and may be able to tell you where would be good place to look for one on the used market, that would be wired to European standards. Apilus does sell to the european market, but I think a platinum goes for about $5000 .

You may also want to quiz Beate on the regulations for ggetting into electrolysis in Germany. While I can go along with your idea of doing yourself as a DIY project then practising in your spare time, and have done so myself, I understand from Beate that Germany has some restrictive laws about who can do electrology so she could best fill you in on these.

Seeing a professional can quickly add up to more than the $3000 you would spend on a machine. But also too can the costs of putting extra equipment to practise professionally or semi-professionally. Treatment bench, good optics, a tested and certified autoclave, all are required to do any level of professional work and all are fairly expensive to purchase.

I have never regretted learning electrology. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. But even as this boards arguably most successful DIY’er I would still tell you it is a skill that is exacting and takes a while to learn to do well.It demands you think and use what you know of physiology. I am the first to say that such a project is not as easy as I may have made it seem at times.

Thanks for the Information!

So I looked on Ebay and the Canadian site and got one offer from Germany. About 1900$ for the Apilus Senior 2, but the women doesn’t seem friendly or skilled. She said the devise was bought for 3000$ from a professional, but she didn’t used it herself.

Maybe in 2 weeks she will come nearby where we could make the transaction, without guarantee or knowledge herself pretty risky.

Also same offering without clear price and date from Canada for about 1700$ plus shipping costs.

I wouldn’t buy a bit extra bench at the moment. Already have a 10000 lux day light lamp but needed to invest further in the right optics.

The power supply difference seems to be solved with adapter from printing devises? Actually thats what the first women told me.

Still long way to go, but I keep researching.

I dont know about compatibility with the power supply at all. An adapter might work but the apilus machine will have a 3 pronged plug with a ground. Make sure any adapter has this.

Having gone through the used purchase route before, I would say there is value in checking out the equipment beforehand. I bought my first machine and had it shipped here, and the galvanic didnt work. When I went to buy a second machine, I made sure to bring with me an egg and a bit of salt water with full intentions to test the machine, but didnt. I regretted that decision too, when I got it home and didnt have a $300 memory card for it. So there is some risk in buying a machine untested most especially if the vendor hasnt used it and cant vouch for its functionality.Perhaps the vendor would test it before selling?


Thanks again Seana for your support!

Testing the devise is only possible if I drive to him/her the 5 hour distance.

Actually I am out for now, this whole topic is way to complicated and difficult. The problem is that such devises are way to expensive for their technological function and the whole market not transparent enough.

To be honest, I understand nothing and be just exhausted from all that research. Also still thinking about Skip offering or to give up the research.

Best Regards

So I am active again and wrote in kijiji about 6 sellers an email. Actually the prices are alot cheaper and now willing to pay about 1000€ or 1500 canadian $.

Goal is now to get the machine within 2 weeks if the price is comfortable with me. Also thinking about to buy cheap home devises to skip the long waiting time.

kijiji is a strictly canadian site, you may want to try craigslist in the US as well.If you are getting anything from quebec, you’ll need to be able to speak french, some will speak english, others speak it but not very well, and others wont speak anything but french ( the majority).