SCMHR embraces transcutaneous quacks?

Trade group Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR) has announced that their organization will now be “welcoming hair removal specialists who may use different modalities of hair removal.”

This expansion from electrology into all types of hair removal, apparently including electric tweezers and transcutaneous patches, appears to be an attempt to bolster sagging membership and bring in more revenue.

Given that they have had transcutaneous salesman Mark H. Chandler of Rejuvenu speak at their convention, they appear to be embracing anyone with a hair removal device (whether proven or not), so long as they can pay membership dues.

President Lisia Cooley-Walch stated: “By approving the name change, your fellow members have said “yes” to growing the Membership and expanding our focus. Your fellow members have said “yes” to welcoming hair removal specialists who may use different modalities of hair removal to our organization, including physicians.”

They also plan to expand their certification to include other methods of hair removal, although this is not written at this time.

SCMHR contact info:
7600 Terrace Avenue, Suite 203
Middleton, WI 53562-3174
Fax 608 831-5485
Email:: [scme at reesgroupinc dot com]

At least when SCMHR says “your membership has decided” they are talking about 20 to 30 people out of 75 members. When the IGPE/IGHRS made that same statement, they were talking about 40 people out of 500.