Sciton and other YAG for finer hairs, underarms, eyebrows

Sorry for all the questions.

Just wondering if the Sciton would work okay for finer hairs, or should I go with the Elite YAG, lyra-i, GentleYAG, or other type of YAG if I want finer hairs done too.

Sciton would be okay for type III skin and finer hairs? Would it work for type IV or V and finer hairs?

Anything special I need to know about underarm hair removal?

I guess most places don’t do eyebrows? I am kind of interested in getting them lasered a little bit, even if only half the area is done. Like they would do the bottom, and NOT get too near the actual arch I want, since they can’t have enough fine control.

Thanks again!

IMHO, if you have fine hair and type III skin, I would go with the Lightsheer instead.


You wear protectice goggles during treatments because laser can cause eye damage. That is why eyebrows are not done with laser. Get electrolysis on eyebrows instead.

If your skin is type III, go with alexandrite or diode lasers instead of a Yag because they are more powerful and can treat finer hair better.

Underarms are one of the easiest to treat and get good results since the hair is usually coarse there.

Well, the reason being that my skin is more like a Type III, but in my ‘private parts’ area, the skin is much darker (six shades?) for most of it, so I’m just saying Type IV for that part? Maybe even Type V. That hair is mostly coarse and very dark so that helps, and I found a place with the Sciton, and I am ready to do this. But then I was thinking about how that area has some fine hairs that I would like treated too. The fine hairs are on the lighter skin part. Well, they aren’t “fine” hairs like arm hair or anything but I was worrying anyway. But can the Sciton treat them? They can crank up the setting higher I figure. Because it seems like a major pain (and more expensive) to have to get that small extra part treated with a different laser. Let me know if I should get it all done with lyra-i, Elite YAG, or something else instead of Sciton? Additionally, I figured I might take their Free Second Area offer and get underarms done, where it’s lighter skin, but yeah, most of those hairs are somewhat coarse. Thank you so much.

best to just go with the sciton and see what happens. if some hair is left over after a few treatments still, you can explore other options for additional treatments. if it’s not as fine as arms hair, you should be ok.

Get the coarse hair first and worry about the finer ones later. The Sciton will work very well on the coarse hairs. You can always get electrolysis for the finer hairs. Take advantage of all the methods.