Scientific studies

I wrote a piece yesterday about licorice (but really talking about scientific studies as applied to humans). I was unable to post the thing, but I’m trying again (see below … or BLANK?) Sorry for the situation, but what had been working is no longer working, e.g., posting on Hairtell.

I’ve read many studies like this one (and participated in writing them too) and this was interesting albeit not stunningly remarkable … and, I’m not planning on selling my electrolysis machine just yet.

This report was timid by most standards. If you have time, you should read the scientific papers that spoke volumes in ABSOLUTES about the “electronic tweezers,” that were going to revolutionize permanent hair removal (and now virtually gone because they were a scam.) TOP dermatologists at the time wrote the studies! Ended up utter BS!

The key in this "short communication, from “Goethe U.,” centers on the word “EPILATORY.”

The writers use this term and don’t classify it’s meaning. Does “epilatory” mean, “the hair was ‘epilated’ … as when it’s pulled out of the follicle?” Or does the term mean something else? Indeed, there is only a “hint” of something, perhaps, happening in the follicle at a hormone-level (read the last few sentences). An unsophisticated reader might jump to the conclusion that is intentionally (?) implied. This “leap of faith” was calculated (just my opinion. Remember, I have helped write this sort of stuff.)

One is pointed in the direction of “getting excited about this new hair ‘removal’ method,” and then the final “catcher” statement:

“Thus, further studies are needed to address the aforementioned aspects.”

So, what does “ASPECT” mean? “Conjecture” would be a better term … but would not be as effective. There is a big difference between “aspect” and “conjecture.”

You can bet your last “Euro” that a product is in-the-works that synthesizes the active components being talked about here. Notice the opening statements are ALL about hair removal in HUMANS, followed up by listing ONLY the negative effects of laser and electrolysis, etc. (Where are the human studies?) Did you leap to a conclusion? I didn’t!

OMG can “scientists” … and Germans even(!) … possibly be involved in a potential commercial venture? If you like, I can give you some prime examples. Probably none of you remembers (European/German) “Devepil,” a rub-on permanent hair removal cream. Many scientific papers were written and disseminated, and lots of product sold … didn’t do “shit!” (Or in this case “Scheiß!”)

>>>Note from my withered brain: Culturally, scientists and physicians (somewhat) have become our “high priests,” and we are always in awe of them and believe everything they tell us. While I try to follow/understand the scientific METHOD, I do NOT accept science as my religion (on “blind faith”)! Because something is stated in “scientific terms” or explained by a famous doctor does not therefore make it fact.

Sometimes the “Catholics” have it right and the scientists have it wrong.

Okay … sorry … not happening. I’m out of options and suppose we are limited to a few words here and there?