Scars from Laser Hair Removal

Hello, I’ve been looking for people that have gone through what I am going through now. About 3 weeks ago I had hair laser removed on my arms at an Advanced Laser Clinic and I now have 2nd degree burns all over. During the procedure I had noticed that my arms were burning but the lady said it was normal & that the pain would go away. The next day I had red & purple blisters all over and it was horrible. Since that day there has been a horrible heat wave and I have had to wear long sleeve shirts. I hate this, because I can’t wear tank tops, I can’t go swimming, I can’t live my normal life which is hard for a 23 year old. Right now I am looking for makeup to try to cover what feels like a hundred white scars that are all over my arms. I guess my question is how long do these white scars usually last and is there any makeup that you can recommend me to use. Thanks.

have you seen a dermatologist? you should do that so he can prescribe a cream to speed up the healing process. it can take several months to heal completely depending on how bad it is. the dermatologist would be able to tell you better since he can see you.

this is unfortunate, and once again we see the name of the same chain clinic with alll the negative feedback here. there should really be a class action law suit against them. even if all the people on these forums who have had bad experiences with them pitch in, that’s already at least 20 people. are you taking any action against the clinic?

Dermablend or something like that is considered the best makeup. you can try running a search here for the exact name, it’s been previously discussed.

I haven’t seen a dermatologist yet because the lady that did the hair removal prescribed me two cremes and she said there is nothing I can do but wait for the scars to faid but it depends on how my body heels itself. I’m not taking any action yet against the clinic but I am still waiting for my refund that she said I would get about a week ago which is close to $1000 dollars. I am currently looking for my shade of dermablend but its been difficult. I want to take action against the clinic but I wouldn’t know where to begin. My arms are completely healed but now I’m trying to deal with the fact that I have all of these white scars that I can do nothing about. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

I would see a dermatologist. The people at that clinic have no training or knowledge on skin.

hi AMC,

just out of curiousity, what skin type are you? Do you know what laser they used and what joules? Were your arms exposed to the sun prior to having the treatment? Did you tan your arms before the treatment?

I am mexican so I have color in my skin but I’m not really dark, but I do know that my skin is sensitive. The laser they used is the LightSheer Diode with the chilltip. My arms were exposed to the sun 3 weeks before the treatment and I did inform the lady of that, so I guess my arms had gotten tanned before the treatment. When I told the lady about that all she did was turn down the laser. What makes me furious is that she did not warn me at all of the possibilites like the burning and scaring that could happen. She did give me a questionier about my skin tone and sensitivity to the sun but she didn’t say that maybe I shouldn’t do it or wait to do it.

can you find out what settings were used on the LightSheer? Also, can you specify which clinic this is so others can avoid. thanks

I’m not sure what settings were used but I saw that it was working by numbers and the lady had it on like 24. The place is called Advanced Laser Clinic and its in Pismo Beach CA. The ladys name is Brenda.

ugh, once again the infamous chain…

Just thought I would update***
Ever since my arms were burned I was asking this clinic for my refund and Brenda kept telling me that she wasn’t able to give it to me yet because she was too “busy”. I finally had enough and went to the clinic and asked for it in person and she finally gave it to me. Anyways, she offered to give me makeup for my scars, bleeching lotion, and a free microdermabrasion on my arms for free but I’m not sure if I should use the lotion and do the micro with her. She told me to put the lotion around the scars on the darker parts of my skin. I still need to see a dermatologist but I can’t get an appointment until next month. Do you think that I should do the dermabrasion with her for free? And how do I post a picture of my arms on here?

you can go to your home page and click on add attachment or image link, and upload a picture. what kind of cream did she give you? personally, i would consult with a dermatologist first. is there another one you can find that you can see earlier? or can you possibly tell them it’s urgent in order to prevent scarring from a burn and they can get you in faster?

Congratulations on getting you money back!

What kind of lotion did she give you??? What are the main ingredients in it???

Did she give you a time limit to get a microdermabrasion with her?

And what kind of make up did she give you?

To post pictures, one way of doing it is uploading the pictures on and then posting a link to the pictures on here.

The lotion she gave me was for hypopigmentation its a brand that Advanced Laser Clinics sell, I don’t have the name I left the bottle at home. I’m still calling around for a dermatologist appointments I’ve just been calling around locally, looks like I’ll be going out of town. Can you recommend any on the central coast?

I will get the name, brand, and ingredients of the lotion later because I don’t have it on me right now. She didn’t give me a time limit to get the microdermabrasion, do you think I should even do it with her? The make up she gave me was the one that they sell at that business but it doesn’t even really match my skin color. I’m still trying to find my shade of dermablend. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

Since she didn’t set a time limit, I think you should see a dermatologist first asap and see what he/she says.

The brand of lotion and makeup that was given to me are called OBAGI. The lotion is OBAGI NU-DERM Blender a skin lightener and blending cream. It contains Hydroquinone USP 40 mg/gm in a base of purified water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, PPG-2 myristyl either propionate, sodium lauryl sulfate, TEA-salicylate, lactic acid, phenyl trimethicone, ascorbic acid, and the list goes on. Its for hyperpigmented skin.