Scars after laser--are they permanent?

Hi there…I have medium dark skin, I am full Pakistani. I have already had 3 treatments with pulse light laser that went successfully and didnt have any adverse effects. I tried a new place because it was a lot closer to home, and she used the other kind of laser…(not the pulse light) and I am burned. My legs were initlally covered with what appeared like large mosquito bites. These round spots have now darkened and look like scars left behind after insect bites. Additionally, I have completely black scars behind my legs and a couple on my knees. These look like bruises, but they are under the skin and not on top. Since my legs scar easily and every injury takes forever to go away, I am very scared that these marks are permanent melanin changes and will not go. It has been a week since the treatment. Anyone else this has happened to? Does it go away or am I pretty much screwed? I am attaching pics. Thanks!
[image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

please find out what laser was used and definitely talk to the clinic that did this. It looks like hyperpigmentation and bruising due to too high of settings used. Your skin is pretty dark, so only a Yag laser should have been used. I suspect that was not it. Please talk to the clinic so they can prescribe a cream etc to help the healing. You might need to talk to a dermatologist if they can’t help. These effects do usually go away, but may take a while. It’d be best to talk to the clinic to get medication to speed up the process. In addition, if you were to continue treatments, make sure only a Yag laser is used and only by someone experienced.

Thanks for your reply. I called the clinic today and she said to maybe buy some fading cream for a drug store and just wait it out. How long can I expect before these fade away?

it can takes a few months. the cream definitely helps. i would ask for a possible prescription for a stronger one than what you can buy at a store. i’m surprised they don’t want to see it. i would go in and show them, and document it. keep pictures and have them validate on paper that they did this.

They just don’t want to get too much information so they don’t give her fuel for any legal action against them. Any admission of guilt works against them.

See if you can get a prescription for a local compounding pharmacy to give you a fade cream or gel using kojic acid and licorice.

yep, that’s exactly why personally I would push for it so that I have it in writing just in case.

Its kinda hard to tell from the pictures but I had some scars on my calves from the Aurora. They got dark red and looked like railroad tracks. After a couple of months they went completely away. I don’t know if that’s the same thing or not, though.

Well she gave me a no go on the prescriptions. Does anyone know of any good over the counter or at home remedies for helping these scars fadce? I heard something about rubbing lemon juice on them…? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

Hi sakina,
Lemon juice is good for dark skin, also try drula whitening cream on the spots only if you dont want to make your skin appear lighter. Hope that helps!!