scars after electrolysis !


I write this just to urge everyone who doubts their electrolysis practitioner’s skills or knowledge. Try someone else!

I actually wrote a post some months ago that it is good to change your practitioner, if only to see how someone else is working and to choose a better professional.

Here’s, I believe, another convincing argument for trying different professionals. I wrote how it was with my first electrologist (to name a few: higher payments, long-lasting discoloration and sensitiveness of skin due to high temperature of probe, or maybe the fact that she used the same needle on different clients). This argument is scars.

The scars look like a goose flesh. Since I am a male and the scars are lightly visible on my back, I can live with that. But if it was someone’s face? I can blame that only on the first practitioner, who’s used higher temperature of the probe (I could feel that!) and one probe on different clients (I saw that).
If You feel your practitioner is not good, try another. If not - try another to see if you were right ;D

At the same time I would like to emphasize that I am for electrolysis, not against. I think it is effective (I haven’t been to electrologist for a past few months, and so far I can tell it is effective. It looks like the hairs either have been removed or regrew thinner. My back looks better for me right now).

So try it - its effective. And be sure to choose a practitioner who won’t hurt you.

Have a good day!