Scarring with electrolysis and laser

Hey All, Im just looking for some recommendations about how I should proceed on my face. I seem to have a lot of hyperpigmentation and scarring from the electrolysis I had done over a two year period. Was doing two hours every two weeks and then about once a month time permitting. Also did about four sessions of laser before that with 4 week gaps. I still have quite a bit of hair growing in and I really wanna do something to get rid of this darkness on my upper lip. Its really affecting my depression to the point im just not taking care of myself anymore. I want to get rid of the rest of the hair on my face but im terrified to get anymore electrolysis because of what has happened to my skin.

Is there anything I can apply to my face that will help with this?

I had a laser session about two months ago to help with the shadow on my neck and haven’t had any electrolysis in about 18 months.

I do NOT see any evidence of scarring. Hyperpigmentation can sometimes be a normal side effect of electrolysis. It will fade in time. Nothing to be alarmed about, everything looks normal.

Ditto what Hairadicator said …

Thanks for looking at it. Glad to hear this isn’t scarring it just seems like its been there forever and isn’t fading. Guess I should just bite the bullet and finish out the rest of the hairs and then hope for the best.

The best way to get rid of hair on skin is using at home laser devices like EvenSkyn Pulsar. it helps you to remove unwanted hair from skin without any discomfort.

Absolutely incorrect Mikee. At home lasers lack sufficient power to treat deep facial hair effectively and affect the root, and are usually recommended NOT to be used on faces! Do not use these scam devices.


Mikee, I hate to say this to you, but it sounds like you are promoting a product that is highly ineffective. Consumers beware of claims like this and save your money, time and dignity. Running interference on FALSE INFORMATION here on HairTell, a consumer-based website, is what we are all about. It would be stupid to get conned after we told you so.