Scarring rough skin texture and hypegmentation

I had a every bad experience of doing electrolysis on

my cheeks .my skin now still rough in texture .the texture is uneven because she was pulling the hair by force not doing electrolysis.electrolysis needs a pro who can manage everything on your skin not just pulling the hair and stabe the needle on my face .I’m so depressed now bcz I do not know how can I deal with roughness on my cheeks ? and how can deal with hypegmentation too ? .I did only 3 sessions it was about a month ago and I will never ever do this again .I ruined my face by my stupid mind .my cheeks were really smooth and shiny before but now I see uneven skin texture like pitting and discoloration of the skin too .help me guys pls …any idea ? Any situation like me? Thank you for your help

Not that this is going to be helpful, however yesterday a client with the area you’re doing came in. He is very white-skinned but had several large white spots where I worked (beard). I was in shock, until he told me the dermatologists “froze off” a couple “pre-cancer” (keratosis) spots.

In your case the hyperpigmentation is minimal and will 100% go away. The “pleated contraction scar” I’m looking at might not resolve to your satisfaction. These exact spots are “danger areas” on men seeking a cleaner beard line. Danger for several reasons …

Thank you so much now my skin start to heal better after a good care but I’m concern about the uneven skin texture is it going to fade away by time ? Especially in my right side . And what can I do for hepergementation to fade .is gentle exfoliating good for it ? And what is the best cream to form the texture of my face and smooth it ? Thank you so much Sir for everything.


This is how my skin looks like now but I have a little denting skin and I see the mirror the texture of my face looks not even I think you notice this and the picture ago was after treatment it almost 25 days from now .what do you this Sir how can I even put my skin texture thanks in advance I really appreciate it.

Hyperpigmentation … NO PROBLEM and it is going away! Don’t do anything!!

For the crease: Try to get a high-end product with Copper Peptids as a key ingredient. However, after 25-days it may be too late to do anything yourself … but these sorts of problems tend to get better in time.

The problem was treating ALL the hairs in the area; especially those that formed a line: all the contraction pulled in the same direction. This is often seen on the upper lips, although almost never realized. As the treatments subside, the “vertical lines” start to appear as the swelling goes away.

Good luck, mate!

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Hi doctor please can I exfoliate to remove dead skin cells at least to even out the skin texture little bit ? Can exfoliating using gentle exfoliaters help with to smooth out the skin ? . Or how many month do I need for my skin texture to be healed totally? Bcz Im having my marriage is October I’m still nervous how I will look honestly.thank you for your help .

Well, if you must “exfoliate” then do it … but be gentle. Now, at your wedding nobody is going to be looking at you … everybody will be looking at your bride. I wouldn’t give it another though.

Thank you so much I will do it and give also time for my skin to heal itself thanks a lots doctor

Honestly the electrolygist I went too was stabbing my face with a needle and Plug the hair out .I was feeling the hair too strong to pull out .I was plugged aggressively not doing electrolysis but I will not do this again bcz I learned a lesson from this . electrolysis needs someone like you Sir .

Thanks Samid. I think this will go well for you. Also, I’m not a doctor; just a lowly electrologist.

Thank you so much Mr Bono .I appreciate it .and have a good day …thank you for your help again .

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