Scarring - Please Help!

Hi Dee, James, Yb and all the experts, I just read the post from annieme and all the replies to it. I have been getting thermolysis done on my lips and chin for the last 2 months. Yesterday when I looked at the areas I saw a light brown discoloration in small patches, which I assume is because of the heat. It is not very dark but is noticeable to the human eye.

  1. Is this scarring and will this be permanent on my skin or will it go away? Should I stop my treatments cause I am scared after reading the post and do not want any scars or scabs on my skin?

  2. I also read that one can only see the true effects of treatments after 6-8 months. Is this true? Will I get more discoloration and scars as time goes on?

  3. Are Galvanic and Blend safer then Thermolysis?

  4.  If I continue my treatments what precautions should I take in order to avoid any permanent damage?

Sorry about so many questions but I am really scared after reading the previous threads and want your advice because I do not want any permanent damage to my skin.

Thanks in advance - Megan

It’s been a long day and it’s late, but I will try to respond carefully, avon, to your questions.

Don’t let others scare you about receiving electrolysis. Millions have successfully done this and are very happy. Some have definitely had permanent damage to their skin related to IMPROPERLY preformed electrolysis, too. I’m not sure we’re getting through to otherson this board to help them understand the difference between scarring and scabbing, the inflammation process that needs to take place for successful healing to occur,etc. By all means, take away with you, that unwanted side effects can happen, but we are here to help you from beginning to end to understand what to look for up front, that which might cause trouble in the end. We must work together to minimize treatment reactions and at the same time not automatically confuse normal post-treatment skin reactions as “overtreatment”. The overly anxious client may convey enough fear to make the electrologist too fearful to use enough intensity, and thus tweezing is all you get followed by abundant regrowth of mostly dark hair. Every follicle treated by electrolysis is replaced by scar tissue. When electrolysis is preformed correctly, damage takes place below the skin’s surface. The barely damaged top layer of skin easily grows back without visible scarring.

The little brown patches you describe sounds like hyperpigmentation, NOT SCARRING. These marks may persist for 3-6 months, but will gradually disappear as the top layer of skin regenerates. Hyperpigmentation can develop in any client,however,it is more common in those with darker skin. Some are predisposed to hyperpigmentaion and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. It does fade. Avoid sun exposure 2-3 weeks after electrolysis and do wear a sun screen. Fade creams prescribed by your doctor speeds things up so you get back to normal sooner. I wouldn’t bother with the over the counter stuff.

Bad electrolysis may not show up for 6-12 months,true. Galvanic,Blend,Thermolysis can all cause damage. It is up to the operator to use the right intensity and timing, with the proper probe and it is up to the client to do their part pre-treatment and post-treatment. I prefer the blend method most of the time, unless the hairs are fine and straight. I switch back and forth depending on the hair type situation and the demands of the client. If your practioner does blend, ask her to try that method.

In closing, understand what your skin should look like after a treatment, how long it takes for you skin to get back to what is normal appearance for you. You must realize that electrolysis is a surgical proceedure and you have to go through the normal healing process like you do with any wound - redness, swelling, possible temporary marks - then you this may help to allay some of your fears. You are still obligated to give your practioner feedback if you have a longer than ususal skin reaction so she can adjust her technique and/or currents.

There is not one electrologist that has not overtreated a client. We are only human and mistakes can happen. What really matters is not displaying arrogance by repeating overtreatment. Correcting a mistake quickley means we learn from it and move forward and that’s the best outcome for all concerned.


Dee, Thank you so much for the nice explanation. …It was great to read your reply and it really helped to remove some anxiety.

Thanks once for all the time and effort you put in to replying to questions. U R THE BEST!!!

It is not my intent to scare others, but to educate others on the reality of many experiences that people have to had prevent them from going through the same thing, I wish someone was kind enough to have warn me. I can say for a fact, I have had scarring and have seen many women with scarring as a result of electro., even an electrologist (as I posted before). Also, in my first post I stated that I am just sharing the experience of our little support group in order for others to decide for themselves if electro is right for them. I just encourage you to go back and read several posts in which others share their experiences, this will help you to know what to look for or expect. Several people fail to realize they are being damaged for some time, as damage shows up later. Scar tissue does occur from this procedure. Reread James post where he states that bad electrolysis leaves marks on the skin or pitting. It is truly an unmonitored field so education and awareness is the key, this web sit is a great start for many. Best of luck.