Scarring permanent

My wife receives electrolysis on her legs and we are starting to get concerned she has permanent scarring. It’s been 6 weeks since her last appointment any the marks are still there. Please let me know if this is normal.

All I can tell is that there appears to be some inflmation or hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation alwys fades. If you are uncomfortaable with it, you can pause your tretment until more comfortable that the area is healing properly, but I dont think any lsting damage has been done.

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No. What Seana said. This is normal and some would say a good sign of a good treatment. It will all go away with time.

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This type of hyperpigmentation/redness is super normal post treatment especially on extremities or when doing body work. It will fade with time and may take months to fully resolve. Keep in mind that each electrolysis treatment will restart the healing timeline so please make sure you are comfortable with this temporary healing appearance before continuing with electrolysis. This will become less bothersome as you have less hairs to treat!

Be sure to use spf on legs if exposed especially now that it’s summertime.

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Wonderful! Thank you all for the reassurance. I heard scarring was rare but I wasn’t sure. It just seemed odd if that was the case because the Electrollosyst has been doing this for decades. I appreciate all of your advice!