Scarring and Keloids?

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I am a black woman in my early 20s. Last week, I went in for an electrolysis consultation in relation to facial hair. I asked about keloids and scarring. The electrologist said that she has worked on black skin and Indian skin. She stated that I would have dark spots for some time but that they should fade and recommended that I start using sunblock.

I asked her to do electrolysis on my chin area so that I could see if keloids or scars would occur. After 1 week, there are a few tiny spots but I don’t think they will become scars or keloids.

Today, I went in for a second treatment - this time my cheek, where is my problem area. She did only one cheek. I used to tweeze/pluck away the hairs on my cheek, so there were a few bumps/small scars? with ingrown hairs. According to her, the bumps/scars should disappear after receiving electrolysis. She removed most of the ingrown hairs from the bumps that were there.

It’s now been 8 hours since my treatment. Most of the overall redness is gone from my cheek. However, there are red bumps still. Plus, the two bumps that had hair are bigger than they were before. They don’t hurt, but now I am nervous that keloids and/ or hydrotrophic scars will develop. I’ve been using cortisone cream on my cheek.

Is it normal for red bumps to occur after treatment? Will they develop into something more? Also, do you think the bumps where the ingrown hairs used to be will scar more or become keloids? Do you recommend any products?

I’m nervous so any advice is appreciate. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

it sounds like a normal reaction so far, even on light skin. i suggest you get some witch hazel and tea tree oil and apply those at least once a day. normally, any signs of treatment should go away after a week. so let us know how it goes.


Is this witch hazel and tea tree oil a cleanser? I just did an online search and found various types.

Get 100% tea tree oil. There are no additives. Certain chain pharmacies sell it for about $8 and Wal-Mart sells it for $5.

Here is some reading for you concerning tea tree oil from Skin and Allergy News if you are interested.

Witch hazel is just the clear liquid stuff you buy near the alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. You dab it on with a cotton ball. I like cold aloe vera gel,too.



I live in the UK, but the pharmacies should have it.

Dear Tellor,

You are in your 20’s…keloids usually present themselves by the time one is 30.

Does any relative have keloids? (keloids are hereditary)

Should you continue electrolysis, make sure to use ice immediately following treatment to bring down swelling as keloids are believed to be caused by prolonged inflammation.
Refrigerated aloe sounds lovely after your 5 minutes of icing.

Hi, Arlene.

Thanks for the response. Two of my (half) aunts have keloids, but no one else in my family has them.

I will use ice in the future.