Scarred skin/ingrown hairs

I don’t have a lot of facial hair by some people’s standards, but I have always hated having any. I’ve always been worried about being masculine and so when I first began to get a few stray hairs on my chin, i just plucked them.
The problem was that instead of growing out of the skin again, they would become ingrown. In fact, it has become such a problem for me that I would actually dig the hair out so I could pluck it.
This has left me with ingrown hairs on chin and neck and scars over the ingrown hairs. If only I had gone to an electrolysis before I ever began tweezing, but I was ashamed having hair and then ashamed of having hair and scarring.
The question is, with skin that is scarred and hair trapped beneath the surface of the skin, is electolysis even possible or feasible. The hair I have on my neck (about a dozen) all literally need the skin to be pierced with a needle to get them from below the skins surface and you can see a black dot under the skin where the hair is growing. It is causing me more anxiety than I want to deal with anymore and just want it gone…permanently.
Please any help, suggestions, advice is appreciated more than you’ll know!



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You need to relax!
Although electrolysis can end your suffering, it may be that you have broken off the hairs so deep in the skin that it will take some time for it to be removable again. It is already treatable, but you want it to be both treatable AND removable, so you don’t have dead matter stuck inside your skin.

You may need to use a product like Tend Skin to help get the hairs untrapped. You can make your own tend skin product by mixing Aspirin, alcohol and water. Make sure you apply it with a cotton swab, so you don’t get any on your hands. The mixture is an acid, it will slough off your skin. Also, if you do mix up this postion, store it in a glass bottle, with a metal or plastic top, but make sure that you don’t allow the container to tip over. The mixture will eat through the seal, and ruin what ever it touches.

Thanks for replying James.
I do in fact have Tend skin, but as I said, I have some very bad scars from picking at the hairs with needles and tweezers before they are ready to come out and the hair is literally trapped underneath scar tissue, would the Tend Skin really work on that kind of skin. Is electrolysis possible on scarred tissue like this? The hairs can actually be quite long when I pierce the skin to get at them, is it possible that I/ or a electrologist would need to use a needle to release the hair to be able to do treatment?? Oh, question about Tend skin, should I be using it once, every day?



Electrologists, like most people, do not practice magic, and they’ll employ conventional methods in extracting ingrown hairs. They may use a lancet (like the one they use to draw blood from your finger) or a special curved tweezer to release the hair. If you can do it safely yourself, or ask a friend or family, you’ll save yourself some money. But in no measure should you pluck out an ingrown hair, because it will grow in again. Rather leave the released end above the surface of the skin (or trim it) untill you can get it with electrolysis.

Scar tissue is fine with electrolysis, but it can heal slower (real scar tissue). Depending on your skin condition, if you leave you scars alone for some time, they may surprise you by healing an disappearing.

Good luck.

Hey, I’m not a professional, but I’ve had (and am continuing to have) some electrolysis done and I had a few hairs removed from my bikini line that i’d picked to death because I used to wax and shave in between waxing and the waxing led to ingrown hairs which I then had to dig out in order to shave…so I know what you’re talking about. I had some very red scarred-looking patches of skin and nasty black hairs growing up through the scars and I finally couldnt take it anymore and went to an electrologist…and the GOOD NEWS is that now everything looks great. On my first session the electrologist removed hairs that were either sticking out or easy to pull out with some little metal tool and then she told me to not pick at it, but to use Tend Skin every day until my next session and the hairs still weren’t all out from under the skin, but she had an easier time of getting them out. After electrolysis my skin healed pretty quickly and the scarred areas returned to normal. I used a generic brand of scar treatment gel daily…I’m not sure if it helped or if it was primarily due to my no longer picking at the skin, but regardless- it’s all cleared up now.
I think that this situation is one of the best reasons for electrolysis…just a couple of hairs that we absolutely can not learn to live with…you should totally go for it. once its done, you’ll just wish you hadn’t wasted so much time pulling those stupid little hairs out.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I finally feel like I do not have to be stuck in this situation forever. I am going to start looking for an experienced electrolysis with a satisfied client base.