i have an appointment for tuesday and I am scared! i really want it gone but does it hurt a lot, a little, at all! Anyone who has done this please give me advice!

The sensation you experience will be very personal, and the variables are many. The skill of the practitioner, the equipment used by the practitioner, the age of the client, the depth and thickness of the hair treated, and the areas where that hair is being treated.

The things YOU can control are these:
Make sure you are hydrated!
Dehydration causes higher settings to be needed, and that means higher chance of pain.
Drink your 64 oz of water a day, if no other time, please do this the day before, and the day of your electrolysis appointment. Of course, you really should be doing this every day.

Don’t Smoke the day of your electrolysis appointment. (try to quit, it will help your skin and keep your hair from going gray)

Don’t drink Coffee or any other caffeine products the day of your electrolysis appointment. Coffee dehydrates your body, and the stimulants cause excess sensitivity, and they decrease your body’s vitamin b supply. This combination will give you need for a higher setting due to dehydration, and a higher sensitivity due to lack of b vitamin, and the jitters the stimulants give you. It would really be great if one could avoid caffeine for 2 to 3 days prior to electrolysis, or if you must drink coffee every day, at least have decaffeinated coffee for at 3 days prior and the day of your work. Most popular soda-pops have a caffeine free version as well.

^^^Interesting…about that Jitters thing, It’s funny because when I got my first treatment whenever Fino took a break to use the phone or something my body would shake (like when you get the chills) is this what your talking about? Good thing I didnt shake while he was working on me. That didnt happen to me my second time around (yesterday) From my experience electrolysis hurts like crazy on the more sensitive parts of your body, in my case the lower back. It almost makes me not want to work on the other areas of my body that I wanted done but arent really necessary like my arms and chest. I dont know what your having done but whenever I tightened my muscle it was more easier for me to tolerate the pain.

If You are going to have Your upper lip treated, then ask her to start at the sides and not right under Your nose. Talking from personal experiences that is the only area that causes really discomfort.

Ask her to start at a low setting and then increase to find the maximum You can tolerate, that is less scaring than the other way around. But remember when assessing what pain You can take, if set too low it will become both less effective and take unneccessary long time to complete.

Thanks Guy you help ease my jitters, I am get my upper lip and chin done , If I use emla or something like it how long does it last?

When applied correctly, topicals last 30 to 60 minutes after they are uncovered from the occulsive dressing. The key to the best results is correct application, and waiting long enough between application, and begining the treatment. The areas that are not being worked on may stay under occulsion until they are ready to be worked on for maximum efficacy.

I Went! i was fine she just tested my chin, it was so much better than laser. if anyone out there is getting nervous, dont worry. i’m the biggest baby(cry when i bet shots), so you should be fine! :grin:

Thanks for the report, Waxon-Waxoff! Electrolysis is generally quite bearable, but for those of us who need to take the edge off the pain (like me on my uppoer lip), there are lots of pain reduction options like EMLA, ELA-MAx, etc.