Scared.. but going through with it.

Hi. I’ve monitered this site every so ofter over the past four years. I’m a really hairy male, pale skin and coarse black hairs, and I’m sick of being afraid to go swimming. Two years ago, I decided I would start getting electrolysis treatments. After about 6 months and $1600 in treatments, I decided to call it quits (low paying job and slow results).

Now, it’s summer again. I’m once again realizing that this is another year that I won’t go swimming with my friends.

In Memphis, I looked over our local health paper “Memphis Health and Fitness”, to look for ads for laser hair removal places. There aren’t any.

I checked the web, and it seems that the only one I can find a site for with a working phone number is UT Medical. I called them last week, and asked about the laser. They sent me a brochure that mentioned the “Apogee and LPIR laser systems”. They quoted me a price for the back of $4750 – for 5 treatments. Yikes. I want to do shoulders, the back of my upper arms, and if possible the top of my chest, too. It’s going to hurt my wallet bad.

Neverthe less, I made the decision to have a consultation, and will do so on June 20.

My questions to you:

  1. Anybody from memphis who has done this with UT Medical?
  2. Anybody from memphis who has done this with anyone else?
  3. Anybody out there know about the Apogee?
  4. Anybody know about other / better places in memphis to go than UT Medical?
  5. Anybody want to donate money to this expensive cause? (ha ha)

If I can wiggle a deal out of them for my upper arms and shoulders, I’ll go through with it, and post my results.

Take care, y’all.

I started laser hair removal with the Apogee and it does a good job. The price does seem a little bit high for an older technology laser. My practitioner switched to the Lightsheer and Aurora because they are newer technology and are considered to be more effective for more hair and skin types.

The nice thing about the Apogee is that the hairs fall out quicker after treatment. Also you can hear some of the hairs pop as they fly out of the follicles. On my first chest hair treatment I had 50% hair reduction.

A lot of places will give you a price break if you have a lot of body parts done. Think of it as a quantity discount.