Scar or just scab from electrolysis?

Sorry about the sizing of picture.

Is this normal? That little dent/pit where one hair was treated, about the size of a spot. It’s not permanent is it? It bled at first then swelled up scabbed but it’s fallen off. It was done just over a week ago on a very short treatment time. The other side of mouth had swelling and red marks, but these are clearing. It’s worrying me its on my face and I need to take a series of headshots :frowning:

A different electrolysist I saw told me the energy level may have been too high.

What i see is some Hyperpigmentation and a tiny lesion. A bit beyond what to be expected - but do not worry; i have seen larger lesions healing perfectly. Simply give it its time.

Things like this one should not happen, but they do happen often enough. We are all humans.

Short version: your “dent” will resolve completely and you will be unable to find it. 100% GONE!

Long version: The electrolysis treatment zapped-out a tiny space in the dermis and epidermis and a crust formed over the so-called “dead spot.” Think of the crust as a “clean cap” to protect the healing skin underneath. (The crust formed from blood elements that oozed out into the wound.)

Within hours the dermis started healing (complicated procedure here). And, atop the dermis the thin layer of skin (called the epidermis: or “above the dermis”) started its amazing trek to bridge the wound gap. However, the crust was in the way of the migrating cells; like a roadblock!

So, the epidermal cells, around the crust, flattened-out and burrowed UNDER the crust. (To get under the crust, the epidermal cells produced a digestive enzyme and dissolved its way in, under the crust.) As soon as the wound gap was bridged, the crust fell off.

Now, you were left with what looks like a “dent.” Well, it is … but not for long!

The little spot of flat cells now start their miracle of regeneration: they get nice and fat and then completely rebuild ALL the layers of the original epidermis. All the layers are created from one single-layer of flat epidermal cells! (By the way, the dent looks “red” because you can see down, through the thin cells, and see the blood vessels underneath.)

Final story? You won’t see anything when the healing is finished. The “dent” will be gone. If you want to use a little moisturizer that’s fine … but at this point you don’t have to do anything (except don’t get too much sun on it.)

Now, aren’t you sorry you asked?

I find miracles in even the smallest of things … and, this is one of them!

Oh, let me add one more comment here:

BIG BRAVO to you for capturing this phenomenon at JUST the right instant! I’ve been trying to “capture” this exact moment for years … I always miss it. YESSSSS!


I had one not too dissimilar to this 4 month ago when I introduced doing the upper lip to my electrolysis treatments.
By the 3rd treatment I go every month - 6 weeks now it had vanished however I do have a tiny patch which is hardly noticeable but still their from waxing nearly a year ago on upper lip.
I would therefore say give it 3-4 month and it will be gone much better than any burns from wax stick with the electrolysis.
Let your electrolysis know she changed the size of her needle at next treatment and the issue didn’t happen again.

Thank you everyone for the reassurance! I was worried, and plus now i can tell my family not to worry when they point at my face!
good to know it is a lesion which will clear and am not the only one. this forum is very useful. thanks :slight_smile:

Michael thanks for explaining it on a biological level, being a bit of a geek I did actually follow it :slight_smile:

BTW you can used the image if you want, I give permission.

That’s “excellent” … thanks!

Geeks are good!

If you want faster healing, give yourself a raw honey mask within 24 hours of electrolysis.

won’t hairs stick to honey and thus have a waxing effect on the skin?

Interesting question but nope, in this situation, you don’t rip the honey off, you wash it off and it comes off easily. The wax used to remove hair does not wash off. The problem that one might have is - if you live in the woods and are outdoors with the raw honey mask, you might attract bears.

And otherwise insects…