Scar erasing ointments

Can anyone share their knowledge and/or experience with scar erasing creams and ointments? I’m not talking about scar preventing products. Neosporin works wonderfully for me for that. But now that patches of skin are on their way to be permanently cleared, the skin underneath reveals the years of waxing and tweezing abuse that I have inflicted on it. I have a lot of little scars in the bikini line and would like to try something on it.

Start with Tea Tree Oil and exfoliation (please be at least 4 days from last electrology treatment before you do an exfoliation).
If that is not satisfactory, try Maderma in your pharmacy. It is an over the counter gel-like product that you might have to ask the Pharmacist to get for you, but many have reported that is works well.

The active ingredient in Maderma is derived from Onion Juice, so perhaps our mixture sleuths will make this the next Tend Skin for the home brewers out there <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Oh! that would be nice. I love home remedies. I wonder if rubbing an onion piece after genlt exfo. will do something over time !!