Scalp total hair removal permanent/semi-permanent at home / under $500



I am interested in removing all hair from my scalp permanently or at least semi-permanently

I have researched laser hair removal on the scalp and it seems like although many facilities do this it is still an expensive procedure requiring many sessions

Is anyone aware of a way to permanently/semi-permanently remove all hair from the scalp for under $500 (I have very littler $ the last few years)? Any methods that can be done at home?

I am in Los Angeles if that is at all relevant

Any advice would be infinitely appreciated~thank you so much!!


Permanent hair removal doesn’t come cheaply. Even on someone who is mostly bald or balding, removing scalp hair either through permanent reduction (laser) or permanent removal (electrolysis) simply won’t come in under $500.

There are home laser and IPL machines available within your price range that may be useful to you, but you cannot expect any considerable permanent results. These products are much weaker than the laser machines found in clinics. At best, it will provide an extremely limited reduction, and the main benefit will be the same as you would expect from waxing your scalp. There is also the potential for some damage to your skin if you operate these machines incorrectly. You will probably need someone to help you operate these home machines.

Until you can save up enough money for permanent treatment (electrolysis), you’ll have to settle for entirely temporary methods. Shaving is probably your best bet.


Love your screen name!

There is nothing permanent on Mother Earth for hair removal /reduction other than electrolysis (permanent removal) and laser (permanent reduction). If you don’t have the money for either, then you would have to borrow, beg a relative or work two jobs, in order to fund your goal of removing your scalp hair. I wish someone would invent something that you could use in the privacy of your own home, that you could apply at bedtime and awake with no hair. Maybe that’s coming someday, but for now, it is not possible to do what you are asking for under $500.


even DIY electrolysis is out of reach ( literally and figuratively) with this budget, sorry I agree with Dee and Scurvy…
It might be possible to use the Tria or Remington IPL devices to dispose of some of it TEMPORARILY but if you have a lot of greys, they wont be affected at all.




For under $500, professional treatments are out. Even home IPL treatments require the purchase of equipment and replacement of the flashlamp (or complete unit) after X-number of pulses. You would probably break the $500 barrier after a few months of use. Your best bet is shaving until such time you can afford professional treatments.


Thank you so much for all of this information this is extremely helpful to know

What is the most inexpensive way to get full-scalp electrolysis?

What should I expect full scalp electrolysis to cost in Los Angeles? What about in Mexico?


Due to the sheer amount of work that needs to be done (full-scalp), expect the total cost to be similar to a face-lift and take up to two-years (possibly less) to complete. Electrolysis is not a “beauty” treatment. Technically speaking it is invasive microsurgery restricted to the hair follicle, with related support systems to insure safe and effective treatments under sterile conditions. Bear in mind, you pay as you go. You might find an electrologist willing to work at a lower rate. Even at a reduced rate, you are still looking at thousands of dollars over the long haul.


So, there are about 150,000 hair follicles on the average persons scalp and they are all not growing at the same time… and those hairs are deep … and some areas hurt a lot… and you need lots of money and time.

LA prices are probably $100 or more per hour and I guesstimate you will need anywhere from 80 to 200 hours over a period of 2 years or more. I don’t know who does electrolysis is the beautiful country of Mexico??

The least expensive thing to do would be to embrace yourself as you are and live life as you were meant to live life.


Would it be worth considering a depilatory or use of an epilator?

Right now I shave my head every day with a braun beard trimmer but it is so much time and maintenenance. I would like to find a way to need to shave less often if possible


no to both. Depilarories would be very dangerous if dribbled into the eyes and epilators would caulse huge ingrown problems and be VERY painful.


Depilatories really aren’t much different from shaving in terms of results but they’re much fussier to use. Plus, as Seana pointed out, there can be concerns if not used very carefully, especially around the eyes. I wouldn’t recommend it for you.

Rotary epilators are also a bad idea. Little known fact: they were actually invented in the early 1700s as a method of intense torture. Okay, that’s a complete lie, but if you ever use a rotary epilator on your head, you’ll have no trouble believing it as a fact, I can guarantee.

I’m not really a fan of waxing for many reasons, but I think if it’s unlikely you’ll ever set aside the funds for permanent hair removal, then it might be worth trying a few times. Let us know what you decide.