Scalp laser safe?

A friend of mine asked me a question today that I had not a clue.
Is o k to do laser hair removal on the human scalp? I never thought of that. Everybody always wants to grow hair up there, not kill it. There is some pretty important stuff under there!
Has anyone done lhr on someone’s scalp?

The laser only penetrates the skin to the depth of the hair follicles so as far as we know it is safe, unlike ex rays, in which the wavelengths penetrate the body tissues.

Usually people are looking to treat the hairline, I don’t think it is wise to use laser hair removal in this case because there is no way of predicting the outcome, the line will not necessarily be very precise, electrolysis would be a better option.

Is your friend looking for the total bald look? If so, a word of caution.

I have seen both beard cases and “head cases” (not the psycho-types), that got a lot of patchiness following laser. If you get a “patchy” head, the look is (actually) “alien.” (I mean from another planet.)

I think so. Mostly bald, but still has to shave whats left.

Of course, I will be the resident “old grump” here … but, here are my recommendation?

With any hair removal process make sure the person “doing something to you” explains completely what’s going to happen. A real “end date” would be great too. But, if they can’t do that, have them explain WHY this can’t be done. (I do this all the time with face work, for example.)

Furthermore “what happens if this does not work” would be another nice thing to hear. Specifically, in this case, what happens if there is “patchiness?”

While you are listening to the “pitch,” write it all down (make notes for yourself). Then, go over your notes with the person. If the person agrees that "what you wrote down” is accurate … have him or her SIGN your notes (and date it)! Now, you have a real record of “what was said.” (Oh yeah, take the notes with you and put them in a safe place.) This writing will be defensible … if you need this down the road.

I’m sorry, but this week has been horrific with the “mistakes” I have seen … frightening really.

Hi Michael, could you please tell more about these mistakes? All your posts are so interesting to read!