I talked to my electrologist about scabbing. She said she knew it would scab as it was heavy and neck is more sensitive. She said she even told me earlier. She said she can lower it but then speed will be slower. I guess I should tell her to lower and see if it still scabs. I don’t want to end scabbed everytime. I am going for next sitting on Thursday.

I’ve had a few ingrown hairs on my neck after electrolysis and they scabbed after she removed them. The only other scabs i’ve had on my neck are more like little dots that go away in a week.

Indiagirl, I was wondering if you had any success with your electrolysis experience. I’m Indian too and I’m thinking about starting treatments, but I’m terrified of spending the money, time, and of the embarassment of actually showing people that I have this problem (cuz noone really knows) !

Hope to hear from you soon.

Go to an electrologist that is proficient with the blend modality and uses gold probes. For darker skin colors, this is my preference as an electrologist because it is very successful. Of course, the amount of heat and timing used by the operator is important,too. I treat mideastern skin types and I rarely have scabbing complaints when I use the blend in combination with gold probes.


Thanks for your reply dfahey. I went and saw an electrologist who has been practicing for about 30 years now. She doesn’t use gold probes, but does use the blend. There aren’t many electrologists in this area! I’m going to check her out. My first appointment is on Wednesday. Wish me luck! :roll_eyes:

Maybe you can buy your own box of gold probes through your electrologist and take them with you each time??? See what she says - if she has never used them, she just might get to like them. What kind of probe does she use out of curiousity?

Hey, how come when I posted a message about my horrible neck problem NOBODY REPLIED. I still thought I was the only one! I had pimpley scabs on my neck for FIVE weeks and there’s still a little red spot. I’ve just been shaving. I’m so scared to get treated again and I won’t tweeze because it’ll just come back worse. Any suggestions? I need a permanent solution!

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Shop around for a competent electrologist. Get many trial treatments to compare.
And your little red spots should go away in the near future.

Victim, I replied to you twice on May 30. Did you not see those posts? Perhaps you forgot that you posted your information twice, once on Share Your Feelings and then the exact same post was on Professional Electrolysis. Try to keep your information on one thread so we can follow your story without running all over this board trying to catch you.


</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by dfahey:
<strong>Maybe you can buy your own box of gold probes through your electrologist and take them with you each time??? See what she says - if she has never used them, she just might get to like them. What kind of probe does she use out of curiousity?</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>How can I buy a box of gold probes from her? Do I just ask? Do you think it’s insulting for me to tell her to use a diff. probe from what she’s used to using? I’m not sure what kind she uses. She showed me, it just looked like a silver needle thingy (forgot the correct terminology!).
Her card says she’s a ‘Master Electrologist’…what exactly does that mean?

and o yea, are the gold probes expensive? how much could i get them for?

Yes, just make a courteous request of her to use gold probes on your face while doing the blend method. I don’t see why she would be insulted unless she has a good reason for not using gold. It never, never hurts to ask, politely. Blame your request on some hot shot electrologist on the internet (me) if that helps. She may reply that she’s been a master electrologist for 30 years and has never had a problem…and that is plausible. If she is not willing to be flexible and try gold, then you can proceed with the stainless steel and see how it goes pain-wise and skin reaction-wise. Maybe her epilator is engineered to take only certain types of probes. It would be great if any electrologist out there could offer help on this one, as I am not sure of compatabilties and incompatabilities between different probes and epilators. Sorry.

I’m sure she can purchase ballet gold probes for you wherever she purchases her stainless steel probes. If you need to purchase the probes on your own, she will need to tell you what size (2’s, 3’s, 4’s???) you will need. Probes are matched to the size of hair diameter and only she can understand what you will need.

You can obtain probes from: or

or contact them by phone (get number off their website).

Hopefully, they will sale you probes even if you are not an electrologist. Ideally, it would be better for her to purchase them and then you pay her back.

I just bought Ballet gold probes on sale from prestige for $30.80 per box. Texas elec. is saling them for $30.00 per box. There are 50 probes per box, that’s about $.62 per probe. Ballet gold’s regular price is $38.50 per box or $.77 per probe. I think the sale is on until June 30. Shipping and Handling is about $3.00.

I’m sorry there aren’t many electrologists where you live and I understand why you don’t want to go in and tell her off the bat how to treat your facial hair with all her rich experience over the years. That’s your call because you will see her face to face and thus have a better feel if she would be ammenable to trying something new. Change is hard for some people, but at least explore with her. It might work out just fine.

I’m not sure what master electrologist denotes. If you ask her, please let all of us know here on

Thanks for your questions and good luck.


Wow, dfahey, thanks for your thorough response. You answered everything I wanted to know in my post and more. AND you understood the reasons for my inhibitions in asking my electrologist about the probes. :grin: I greatly appreciate your input! I will definitely ask her about them tomorrow (Wed). She is actually a foreigner, she studied electrology in Europe. So, half the time I don’t think she understands what I’m asking! Her daughter, who works with her, has been helping me out though, thankfully.
I’ll keep ya posted.

Thanks again :smile:

hmmm…I don’t know why I can’t fit all my thoughts into one post! sorry! I remembered something else my electrologist’s daughter said to me. I asked her about scabbing and she told me that I will for sure get scabs but they’ll go away shortly. I’ve read in several posts that they don’t always happen, but good gosh she’s telling me I will get them for sure! Should I be worried?? :confused:

I don’t agree with them about the scabbing. The use of stainless steel probes along with practioner technique certainly can contribute to scabbing on the face. Try a 20 minute appointment, no more than that, and test them out. The ideal situation would be to go several electrologists in your area and settle on the one that is best for you, however, I understand that you don’t have that luxery. Even if you have to drive to find one, that would be better than exposing your face to heavy duty electrolysis. My advise for now would be to do the test patch thing and give them a chance for now.


So I’ve found some more electrologists around this area. A good handful…about 6-7…but they’re all in a city 45 min away. That’s ok though. So, Dee, you said to go to several and test them out. But since successful results of electrolysis aren’t immediately apparent and may take months to actually see, how will I know which is best for me? :confused:
Sorry for all the questions!

You are correct with your last statement. You have to run on blind faith for a hair growth cycle or two, 6-9 months, before it is apparrent that you are gaining ground (permanency). However, in those beginning weeks, if you don’t feel like the hair is being plucked but rather is sliding out nicely with no resistance, that’s a great clue that something good is happening below the skin. There are some hairs where you may occassionally feel some traction as it is lifted out of the follicle due to the nature of ‘root’ formation (‘root’ is bigger than the follicle opening) or the stage of growth a particular hair is in (shedding stage may have a white hard ‘root’ that you may feel traction with. It is normal to have some skin manisfestations temporarily, but again don’t settle for a consistent scab scenario.It can happen sometimes, but that’s where feedback to your electrologist is helpful so she can make adjustments at the next appointment. If you were having body work done, I wouldn’t care too deeply about scabs as long as they weren’t too big. Ask for a sample treatment, say 10 min.worth, to see how if feels. If they are super busy, they may not be able to do this for you, but give it a try.

Taking note of the above are a few answers to your question about how will you know which electrologist is right one for you. Do check out on choosing an electrologist for more hints. They are too numerous for me to repeat here.

With the amount of interest you show, I feel certain that you will find the right electrologist for yourself. Keep learning and it will all come together.


I’m not an electrologist but a new customer. With some electros, you won’t need to wait 6 to 9 months to know that they’re not for you. Some are too painful, some leave your skin a wreck. But you’d never know if you were going to a heavyhanded electrologist if you never went and tried a few other ones 2 or 3 times, just to compare how it feels and how your skin reacts. Once you get a feeling for what kinds of sensations are “normal” for you at the hands of a few people, and how your skin normally reacts, you can better judge if an electro is right for you. This is something I’m just learning myself. The people on this board have helped so much, they totally rock!

Thanks for all your help Dee…yours too Susie! :smile:

So I found 8 new electrologists who are 45 min away. I called all of them, and I only got one person to pick up! Three were wrong numbers. The others, answering machines. Pretty annoying. Anyway, the one place I talked to, they’re associated with a dermatology center and approved by all the doctors and aestheticians. So, that has to be a good thing, right?? They have one electrologist in the center and she has been practicing for about 35 yrs or so. She charges $25 for 15 min and the receptionist said that she won’t charge more than $40 per session, supposedly. I will go for a consultation on Friday.
I’m still going to try out the other lady I had seen last wk. I called today and asked for a sample and will be going for that in a few hours.

Dee and any other electrologists out there, does the former electrologist (one associated with dermatology center) sound like a good deal ?? Do you think I have better chances with someone like that?..vs. a privately owned business?