scabbing on face and body


My electrolysist said that some scabbing is possibleon the body, but should not normally happen on the face. I used other electrolysists before and I had scabbing on the face. With this one I don’t scab on the face. It’s going fine, so I continue the treatments. But is it alarming that I don’t scab (and pain is less than what I’m used to).


Why is it alarming to you that you have less pain and your not scabbing. Sounds optimal to me. Is the hair sliding out nicely or do you feel some traction (pull)? Yes, scabbing on the body is almost a given.

I’m thinking your electrolgist might have a newer generation epilator and great magnification??? Good equipment helps a lot, HOWEVER, many people do reach their hair removal goals with less.

Keep all of us posted on your experience. Thanks for posting, Mina.


In my case, no scabs and no pain either after the first session, I have a second one today, I’ll see how it goes.