Scabbing - first treatment


My first facial treatment, I’ve forgotten what method except it was laser, caused immediate scabbing.

I had scabs that were about a 1/4 inch off my face and 1/4 round. About 5 days after the treatment my face had red dots that looked a bit harsh. About 2 weeks after my face looked good again. I think it took about 3 weeks for the hair to fall out.

I was very happy of the results… my facial hair was so much less until it was time for the next go around. Now I look as I did before the treatment.

I’m nervous about going to get another session. From what I’ve read, I had a bad reaction. The tech didn’t/doesn’t seem to feel that any thing went wrong but I can only find that it was not right.

I’m willing to go through the pain and all again but I’m really wanting to know if I should be looking for a new tech.



Were these lesions actual scabs, with crusting,oozing serum, or were they red, raised areas of swelling? Sometimes treatment with certain lasers (particularly the Lightsheer) can cause actual crusting or scabs, with resultant hyperpigmentation that can take as long as 6 months to resolve. This is usually the result of using too high a fluence for a particular skin type or density of hair growth. Laser hair removal involves the introduction of a lot of thermal energy (heat) into the skin. On a face with very dense, coarse and dark hair, this can translate into intense erythema and edema (redness and swelling) sometimes lasting several weeks if the client has hypersensitive skin. Facial hair removal, particularly on men with dark dense beards, or women with heavy, beard-like facial hair growth, must be approached cautiously when determining fluence/pulse width settings. We generally treat this area as if the client was a very dark-skinned Fitzpatrick 5/6, regardless of their actual skin color. Try to find a practitioner with a lot of experience treating facial hair, and use a good topical anesthetic. Pre-treatment, use of either oral anti-histamine or anti-inflammatory (Advil, Vioxx) could also be useful. Post-treatment should also involve many ice-cold compresses applied to the face, with an icepack going home with you. I hope this information helps - keep us posted with your progress. ciao for now :wink:


My guess as to what the scabs were was pulled out and singed hair. I’m guessing that by the smell and the sensation that a group of hairs were being pulled out at a time.

Just 3 weeks after the treatment, it was not apparent that I had done anything.

If I hadn’t heard that nothing should have been too apparent when I looked at myself AT THE appointment; and that I should not have had more than just reddened areas for a maximum of a few days, I’d have not been so concerned.

I do fear going back.

The technician never acknowledged that anything was wrong. SO - I really want to know if I have a reason to be concerned.


What laser was used ?


I do not remember for sure. I never thought to ask but I did call and talk to the tech after I got home and read up on laser stuff. I was, no doubt, surprised at how the treatment went THEN decided to read more about it. I know that I should have known more before going in.

I think it was a LightSheer.


The hairs are not actually pulled out during treatment. Sometimes the hair absorbs enough heat to eject from the follicle during the procedure, but this does not always happen. Lightsheer is notorious for producing post-treatment crusting and pigment changes, so this reaction is not entirely unexpected. If the area is very densely covered in hairs that are coarse and dark, then more heat is absorbed and more post-treatment complications result. Did you use topical anesthetic for the treatment, and did your tech use cold compresses and ice after the treatment? I would suggest finding a practice that uses a high-powered NdYag machine - this is very forgiving on the skin and effective on all skin colors. Hope this helps :wink:


No topical anesthetic. A cool cloth while in the office then a 35 min home and a run into the house to grab a cloth.

I know that next time, I will want something in the car for the ride home!

SO, if the tech saw the crusting occuring DURING the treatment, should she have adjusted the implement?

Should I look for another tech or should I trust her since she didn’t feel that ANY complications occured?

I need to know if I should look for a new technician.


Hi I have a question … im concerned becuase i had the lightsheer laser hair removal on knees and below on both legs… and i had it done like 3 weeks ago and i still have these little annoying scabs. Alot have come off with shaving and me picking them but ALOT are still on there… is this normal? should i find another pro. to do it? Will this continue through all my treatments? Summer is coming up and I want to be able to wear shorts… will this not be possible? :fearful:


Natboy and Tamiejp: Hi to you both. PLEASE do not pick at scabbing - it only causes pigment changes and scarring. Leave the area alone, keep it moisturized and out of the sun! Like I said in my previous post, the post - treatment scabbing and crusting is more commonplace with the Lightsheer machine. It’s not something you will see during the treatment, but rather in the days following. Should you get a new tech? If you are being treated with the same machine, it’s somewhat immaterial as to whom is performing the treatment. You could ask for a lower fluence setting, but you tread a fine line between effective treatment and patient comfort. Too low a setting renders the treatment useless, and too high gives more post-treatment complications. Try to get a consultation with a practice that uses an Altus Coolglide, or possibly an Aurora. Either has little to no post-treatment problems, and are effective at hair removal. ciao :wink:


Since my scabbing was extremely obvious the moment I looked in the mirror AT the appointment, I will take it as a treatment gone wrong.

If the tech would have acknowledged that it was uncommon to have such a reaction, I’d feel that she was compatent. BUT she never acknowledged, even after a call, that it was not expected to have such large scabs at the time of treatment.

I will wait 'til someone comes to our area… give them some time to practice the art, then make an apt.

Thanks for your time!


See I dont want to go somewhere else now that ive paid for my first treatment… it was 400 dollars!!! soo i dont want to waste that money … would it be a waste to go to a different machine though? Or will it continue the laser treatment and be effective? Will it scab like this everytime if i continue treatment with Lightsheer or is it just a first time deal? I just dont want to be going into summer unable to wear shorts and bathingsuits… I was in alot of discomfort when it was being performed but i did have emla creme… but i actually was crying… it was bad… i told her to continue and not lower the setting becuase i want it to be effective and i would rather it hurt and cost less and less treatments… let me know what you think… and thanks for responding…!



I’ve been using the Lyra laser which is an NdYag… it’s supposed to be for ppl of darker skin colour… but my colour is pretty white and dark hair… i’m european… i’ve had my underarms, bikini, and linea done… so far 6 treatments…

my bikini line is awsome hardly any hair… same w/ underarms… i definitiley think it was painful but not crying painful… she iced it down pretty well before starting each time…

this is just to say that even though the ndyag is not supposed to as effective on persosn with light skin and dark hair i’ve had really great results… and in reality if the hair was to decrease to the point where you’re shaving once a month and it’s fine and soft when it grows out i’d say that’s a success… be careful… my techinician suggesetd that i switch to a lightsheer b/c she works at 2 clinics, but after seeing those horror pictures on the bulletin board i’m a little aprehensive to switch… i think i’d rather pay more money then have permanent scarring…


If you’re using the lightsheer i think its imperative perhaps more so then most other lasers to find a quality practioner.

I had ALOT of scabbing,welts,blisters,etc with the Lightsheer.I believe it is because they used the “gliding” technique which is not the proper way to utilize this laser.Did they use this technique on you ? The right way is with Compression(stop push down zap then on to the next spot,etc) rather then gliding the handpeice.The latter saves alot of time for the practioner but isnt as effective and causes more scabbing.


Gliding was NOT used.
Lift and pulse.

Another reason that I was upset… I asked how long the clinic was doing the laser. I got the answer of 3 yrs or similar. THE TECH had less than 3 mo. I didn’t know THAT. Oh, I’ve learned a lot… I’ll be more careful before I go back.



Well She did the lift technique and didnt glide… i dont have the scabs anymore thankgoodness! but… i can still see the dead hairs in the pores… the whole reason i wanted laser was for the dark pores where you see the hair underneath the skin to go away… sooo will they go away with more treatments?? do you think the scabbing will be less for each treatment like maybe the first was the worse?