Scabbing electrolysis

Hey there! I’m new to the forum so I hope I’m not spamming with my post. But I was really concerned after my first round of electrolysis. I did a small patch test on my right cheek and had minor pain during the session and a little scabbing/postures the day after. I decided to proceed with more treatments and the following week got my left cheek/jawline/neck. During the session it was significantly more painful, I guess there was a little bit of blood. And below I have attached pictures of the area 24 hours after treatment.

Everything looks normal. Nothing to be concerned about.


Welcome! Agreeing with David. Be sure not to pick the scabs or white bumps and keep the face clean as you recover.

It’s normal. Allow the time to heal properly, 2-3 weeks preferable and keep doing it until your hairs are gone forever:)

Electrolysis will work. I’ve been going every two or three weeks for 6 months, 15 minute sessions. No tweezing, avoiding shaving as much as possible. Had been tweezing and had about 50 to 75 hairs on my chin and neck, some very thick and others not. I think I have 3 more months and then a touch up here or there. Barely bothers me now but I want it perfect. Go religiously… it works.

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If you put an ice pack on after the treatment the scabs will be a lot better. You should treat the scabs like you would a little burn . Keep dry , out of the sun .