SB/SBG what is the difference?

What do they mean? What’s the difference?

The answer to that question requires more information, where are you getting those letters and what context were they in?

If you are refering to the AEA web directory, that would be:
S= short wave, thermolysis, diathermy
B= blend
G= galvanic

That’s where I got it. I was just curious what it meant. I figured an expert would know about it, so I didn’t feel like giving further explanation.

May I ask since you are an electrologist…I noticed that the AEA has info on career as an electrologist. I haven’t thoroughly looked at the site. It looks like I will have to request information, but do you need any other expertise to be an electrologist? Or can anyone be one going through the schooling? Also, how do they practice with it in school? I am curious if they use volunteers or fake skin and hair or something.

Depending on the state you live in, (which I can’t tell you about because your location is not listed in your profile <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />) you could start as young as 16, or the lower limit may be 18 and a high school graduate.

A good electrolysis program would teach everything one needed to know without need of more than a good understanding of reading math, biology and science. Those with upper level understandings of those things have an easier time with the course, but it is not needed to start, if someone is focused on learning.